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Pink lake in Spain

Yes, it is pink, you have not read it wrong.

Pink lake or Las Salinas de Torrevieja is a 1,400 hectares natural park of Valencia located nearby the Laguna de la Mata. So why is the lake pink and not blue? Do not worry, the fault is not by the chemicals but from micro-organisms and micro-seaweeds which synthesize the components of the salty water in order to survive. So the existence of these two makes the water pink. Because this lake contains high salt levels you cannot find lots of plants or animals there.

High salt levels in the lake cause that you could float in the water just like in Dead Sea but because of its shallowness you can just enjoy it like a spa. It can be very good for your health because it prevents skin and lung diseases. Somewhere in this lake are also spots of black mud which is great to moisturize your skin with. Just remember if you are going to swim there that it might be hurtful if you have some scratches on your skin and also remember to bring some water with yourself to shower after the swim.

Just the look to the pink lake is beautiful but it becomes more unreal when flamingos comes around. In this natural park you can see upon 2,000 flamingos when it is breading season. What a fairytale place to be! ;)

How to get there from Seville?

First you can travel to Valencia, which you can get there by car, bus, train or plane. If you search well and book the ticket approximately one week before, you can get a bus ticket for around 20€, train for 40€ and a flight for around 60€. When you arrive in Valencia is probably the best thing to take a taxi or to rent a car, which is probably the cheapest option if you are older than 25 years. If you are going to rent a car is probably better to reserve it online before you arriving there.