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Practical tips to help you survive the heat

We all love summer. It is a time full of relaxation and madness. Finally, it's warm and we can start wearing dresses and shorts. However, not everyone knows that in summer we have to take care of ourselves more than usual. We will give you some advice on how to take care of yourself in the summer to be safe in the heat.

Drink a lot of water!

About 60% of the human body consists of water. In order to maintain the correct level of water in summer, it is necessary to drink about 3 litres. If you don't fill up with enough liquid, you are at risk of dehydration. This danger increases especially when it is hot outside the windows. Fatigue and confusion are only the first signals that are easy to miss. Further symptoms are already much stronger and cannot be ignored. So remember that when you leave home in the summer, you need to have a bottle of water with you. 
Wear a hat!

Wearing a hat in the summer protects you from the sun. This is very important, although we often forget about it. Ultraviolet radiation is very harmful and has serious consequences such as sunstroke. If you care about your health, wear a hat in the summer.

Use the sunscreen!

Tanned skin is often the most beautiful souvenir of a holiday. However, we often forget to protect our skin while sunbathing. Not using sunscreen can lead to serious problems and severe sunburn. There are many creams available on the market, which will allow us to protect ourselves in the summer.

Don't walk in the full sun!

If you don't have to go out between 12:00 and 16:00, don't leave the house. This time is not suitable for long walks, you can get tired quickly or you will feel weak. During these hours, it is better to rest in the shade.

Appropriate clothing!

In hot weather, wear thin clothes, preferably linen and airy. They should preferably be in bright colours that reflect the sun's rays. It is also worth knowing that a long sleeve or a leg of airy light fabric will effectively protect against the heat, as the inhabitants of tropical countries know very well.

Close the windows and shade them!

The windows on the south side require special shading. For this purpose, we will use external roller blinds and internal roller blinds for windows - preferably in light colour. Roller blinds, the most effective of all window decorations, reflect the sun's rays. This effectively absorbs the radiation and reflects the sun's rays. If you do not have any roller blinds installed in your apartment, let's cover the windows with blinds or ordinary curtains in a light colour.


                                                Hopefully you'll follow our advices and be safe. Enjoy summer <3