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Rainy days in Seville

In general, people are not connecting rain and a cloudy sky with the city of Seville. First associations are clear skies and soaring temperatures when they think of Seville. For most of the year they’d be right, but even the Andalusian capital in the south of Spain gets its share of rain. Here are some ideas for spending those rainy days in Seville.

  • Go to the cinema

    Even for people who doesn`t speak Spanish very well can enjoy going to the cinema in Seville. There are a few cinemas in the city that show every movie in its original version. For example, the Avenida 5 Cines complex in Calle Marques de Paradas in the centre of Seville shows current movies in original versions. So just curl up with your favourite movie and don’t mind the rainy weather. 

  • Enjoy some local food

    Making your way to a local restaurant and enjoying some delicious, authentic food is a great way to enjoy the day in spite of the bad weather outside. Seville is a city full of history and tradition, and there is no better and authentic place to experience that history than one of the numerous historical bars in the city. So find a nice cosy tapas bar and enjoy traditional Spanish food and drinks while people outside are passing off under their umbrellas and feel totally comfortable inside.

  • Visit a Museum
  • The obvious choice to defy the rain in any city is to visit a museum, and Seville has a wide variety of museums to offer. Whether you planned to include a museum visit during your trip or not, it’s a great option for something to do in Seville during bad weather. A great option is to head to Maria Luisa Park to see the Archaeological Museum or the Popular Arts Museum. Whether you’ve planned to include a museum visit during your trip or not, it’s a fantastic way to escape the bad weather outside.

  • In the end it doesn't matter what you are doing on those rainy days in Seville, but finally do something! ;)