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Getting ready for your exams

The year is almost over and the first exams are already waiting around the corner. Most of the exams are starting in December, or at least in January, so you’re going to start with the preparations probably this month. That’s why we present you the best places where you can study here and also some alternatives to libraries.

  • 1. Libraries

First, of course, libraries. The good thing about libraries is that you can study there whenever you want, under all weather conditions and, most important, in peace and quietness. No flat mates, no noises, nothing that can interrupt or disturb you. Most of the Sevillian libraries are opened until 9.30 p.m., besides the library of UPO, this one closes already at 9 p.m. However, the 3 biggest ones are: Library of the University of Seville, Seville Public Library and CRAI Library of the University Pablo de Olavide. Besides those 3, almost every faculty of the US has its own library. You can easily find the library, with its opening hours, of your faculty on the website:, when you scroll down at the bottom to ‘’ bibliotecas y horarios’’.

  • 2. Parks

The weather in Seville even during the autumn is quite good and warm enough to stay outside, that’s why parks are one of the best spots to study! Imagine getting lost into book or your notes sitting at the park surrounded by huge palm trees and relaxing sounds of nature. Moreover, being in nature reduces stress, helps to detox your mindset from negative thoughts and to focus on required subject while studying. Maria Luisa Park and Alamillo parks are the biggest in Seville, which means that you can be sure about finding a secret spot here and nobody disturbs your study. Although there are much more cozy parks in Sevilla as Jardines de Murillo, Jardines de Valle, Guadalquivir Park, Parque de los Principes, Jardines de Buhaira and more, it depends on the area you live, study or spending your time in.

  • 3. Cafés

And the last option, which is very good if you want to study with other people or need to make a group projects is a café. There are a lot of cafes which offer you Wi-Fi, but more significant is the right atmosphere. We have 4 favorite cafes which are El Viajero Sedentario located in Alameda neigboorhood (this café also offers you some books), Gigante Bar, also in Alameda, here you can come at any time, Almazen café, which is very cozy, and last but not least La Caotica near to las Setas. The last one, is probably my personal favorite, because upstairs you can find a bookstore and downstair there is a very cozy atmosphere and you can basically stay the whole day if you order one drink or something.

Good luck to everybody!!