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Recommendations of where to eat in Sevilla

​Hi everyone! We hope that you had a good weekend! As promised, we will give you our personal recommendations of some restaurants in Sevilla and surroundings!


Spanish cuisine is well known all around the world! But just in Spain you can experience the real taste and feeling of Spanish food traditions. In Seville there are many spots to eat and to try different meals. My favorite location to eat is in the city center, which is crowded with small restaurants and bars. ’Restaurante Góngora’ is the place worth to go to! There is a cozy atmosphere together with typical Spanish food is the perfect match! The spot is close to the Cathedral of Seville so it can be perfect option after a long walk exploring the city! Another place that I recommend is the bar ‘Levies’ located in a small square of the city center. This location is always full of people and the secret why you should find out by yourself! While tapas are a gourmet exploration in itself, here are some more top Spanish foods you have to try: Gazpacho or salmorejo, Spanish ratatouille, Cured meats – jamon, chorizo, salchichón, Pulpo a la gallega and of course also traditional Paella!! Nevertheless, during my stay here I have also experienced disrespectful behavior in an Italian Restaurant ‘Al Solito Posto’!! I joined my friends a little bit later and the waiter said that I can’t order a pizza because this table is only for 6 people and I was the 7th person. All of us were arguing and trying to prove our customer rights but it didn’t work! After 50 minutes finally, I got my pizza when I sat alone on another table. Moreover, instead of 5 Euros for the pizza, I had to pay 1 Euro more for table service. Even though the pizza was very delicious the customer service was very awful! If you will go to this restaurant never be late or just don’t go!


I think there is a lot of nice tapas bars and restaurants in Seville. But my own favourites are La Brunilda on Calle Galera, La Bulla on Dos de Mayo and Casa del Dolma on Calle Troya and because the food is just amazing in these restaurants.

La Brunilda and La Bulla are both located in the centre quite close to Plaza de Toros. Both restaurants offer very tasteful food and the atmosphere is very cosy. Casa del Dolma is a new Turkish restaurant which has just opened in Triana. They offer Turkish food as small tapas. The food is very tasteful, and the owners are very lovely and welcoming.


Hey people! Hope you’re doing good! If you like the Spanish kitchen, then Sevilla is the right city for you. All the food is typical Spanish, freshly prepared and kinda cheap! I will only recommend you some Spanish restaurants, since that’s the most important I think. I have been to: Casaplata, Ell Fullero, Bar Alfalfa, Sal gorda, y mucha más! These restaurants are almost all located in the living neighborhood Alfalfa. Also, I can definitely recommend some restaurants behind calle Porvenir, since I am living here. The ones I usually go to are: Taberna la Auténtica, Restaurante Igancio Vidal, Mascarpone (also for ice cream) and some other small bars all in the same street! Please if you have time and you live close by, go check them out because they are really worth it! 


In Seville you have thousands of opportunities where to go out to eat. There are burger restaurants, Italian restaurants, Turkish restaurants and of course also fast food restaurants. However, I recommend you to try as many tapas and paellas, or rather the Spanish kitchen at all, as possible. Even if they seem to be similar every tapas restaurant is individual and offers different dishes and tapas, you have to take the opportunity because you can eat pizza or pasta everywhere, especially at your hometown. And so far, as I’m living in Seville for 3 weeks now, the best tapas restaurant I’ve tried was Taberna Mahareta in Alameda de Hercules, in the heart of Seville. In this restaurant, you have a wide range, especially, of sea food and vegetables and it’s also not that expensive.

However, there are also some days when you don’t feel like going out to eat and rather would like to cook. If you want to cook very fresh or maybe a traditional dish from your home country, there is a very huge supermarket, called Corte Inglés. There you can find fresh vegetables, fresh fish and meat and everything you need and there is also a section where you can buy international food.

Have a good weekend!