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Ronda in 1 day

​Ronda is a mountaintop city that stands dramatically above a deep gorge reaching to 750 m! This lovely city sits around 120 km away from Sevilla and is surrounded by wild river valleys and a deep ravine. It is a place that literally takes your breath away when seeing it!

How to get there?

Getting to Ronda is as just good as being there. It takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes to get there from Sevilla and time passes so fast while traveling! Mountains view and tiny roads are the best combination to forget about the time. There are a few ways how to get there: you can take a Blabla car or a bus and there is another one option with Erasmus organization that organize trips to Ronda for just only 20 Euros! It includes tickets for both sides and a small excursion guide, as well as you will be able to have some free time to explore other places.

Recommendation tips before your trip:

As Ronda sits on the top of the mountains, you need to know that weather conditions normally are colder than in the most cities of Andalusia. It can be even 10 degrees difference between southern city of Andalusia and Ronda! Due to weather like this we recommend you to take a coat and umbrella with you, especially while traveling in late autumn and winter season. Despite the fact about temperature differences, weather and atmosphere match perfectly there! It’s kind of magical to see sullen clouds in the mountains creating magical sceneries itself.


Alameda del Tajo

The first stop you will probably make, if you walk from the bus station to the city center, will be Alameda del Tajo. It’s next to Plaza de Merced and a very small but beautiful park. You can walk through it and enjoy the fountains and the colorful leaves!

Mirador de Ronda

Then, the next stop, and first photo stop should definitely be the Mirador de Ronda. This is one of the most spectacular viewing points of Ronda. Watch the mountains, climbers, see visitors on the other side of the scale and look down hundreds of meters across the surrounding valley. Just amazing!


This is what made and makes Ronda famous, the landmark of Ronda, the New Bridge (Puente Nuevo)! However, a lot of people don’t know, until their arrival, that there are 2 more bridges, the Old Bridge (Puente Viejo/ Árabe) and the Roman Bridge (Puente Romano). To get the best view of the New Bridge you should cross the bridge and climb a little bit down (sounds harder than it is) and you will get this amazing view as in the following picture.

Palacio del Rey Moro y la mina

More or less a secret spot! You will need to pay entrance about 5€ for this but it’s worth it. At the entrance, you can see the picturesque garden and later you need to walk down to get to the mines. Don’t underestimate this, it takes you a lot of time and energy to get down and up and it’s very humid in there so, be careful and make some breaks. But, as soon as you will be completely downstairs you will love it. It’s amazing, you can see the river very close and it feels like a little paradise, which you can mainly enjoy by yourselves because, normally there are no other people. Like we said, secret spot. ;)

Baños Arabes

Located in the old Arab quarter of the city, next to the Old Bridge, the Arabes Baths in Ronda, are the best preserved in Spain. It is really impressive, costs around 4€ and you can imagine how it used to look like back then, because you can still see the large cauldron, which heated up the water.

Plaza de Toros

For 7€ you can experience, the home of modern bullfighting. The Real Maestranza bullring is one of the oldest and most picturesque in Spain. It was built in 1785 and can hold up to 5000 people. If you want to get the whole, maximum bullfighting feeling, you should visit it in September, when the bullfighting season takes place.

Setenil de las Bodegas:

Setenil de las Bodegas is a small town famous for its dwellings built into rock overhangs above the Río Guadalporcún. You should include this town as a sightseeing object in your trip plan, as it is only 18 km away from Ronda. This town has a beautiful panoramic view and offers a really interesting experience to to walk down the streets located above huge rocks!