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Salsa and Bachata

Hi everyone! How are you? In today’s blog will give you some more insights in two typical dances: Salsa and Bachata. You have also probably been invited for many many classes and events that have something to do with salsa and bachata. That’s why we thought it would be nice to write something about that, does it even come from Spain…?

  • First of all, we will tell you something about salsa. Guess what salsa is not even from Spain. Salsa dance has deep Caribbean and African roots. Salsa is very popular in Latin America, but is gaining popularity more and more everywhere in the world. The first salsa was noticed in the 1900’s in eastern Cuba. Salsa is a mix of different Caribbean rhythms and instruments; the diversity provides the unique sounds. 

  • Bachata originates from the Dominican Republic. The first song was recorded by Jose Manuel Calderon in 1962, the song is called: “Borracho de amor”. This means: Drunk in love. More and more bachata was associate underdevelopment and crime. The music genre was seen as too vulgar, crude and so on to be broadcast on television in the Dominican Republic. Later on in the 21stcentury it developed in urban bachata. Which is nowadays quit popular and it’s still gaining a lot of popularity in the US, Latin America, Spain and so on….

    Salsa and bachata are together the most popular styles of Latin music. But what is the differences between them? The differences between the two genres are pretty big apparently! If you know something about latin music you should notice the difference right away, but yea… The timing in both genres is the same, but Salsa music is more fast and spicy. Bachata is more slow, kind of smooth, therefor it’s more seen as a ‘romantic’ dance. The basic steps are completely different. For example, in bachata you don’t make any turns and in salsa all the time…

    Even though, the two dances don’t come from Spain, you can still follow classes everywhere in the country, including in Sevilla. Go check out: