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Scary movies for Halloween

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new blog post, since tomorrow is Halloween I thought I would recommend you some scary films or tv series to get you in the mood. So here is my list of my favorite scary movies, some are classics so you may know them already and some are new, so enjoy!

Let's start with some movies first:

1) One of my recent favorite movies is for sure IT, both the new ones and also the classic one. I think that the two new ones are scarier than the first one, maybe because of the new techniques. And the clown looks scarier than ever for me! 


2) Another classic one is for sure "Dracula by Bram Stocker", if you like creepy vampires this film is for you for sure! Sometimes I've found it quite hilarious too. 

3) Then is it really Halloween if I didn't mention the all time classic movie "The Exorcist"? 

4) One of my favorite movie is also "The Shining" based on the book by Stephen King, but basically almost every film based on one of his books is good enough for Halloween!

5) I heard also many people talking about the movie called "Beetlejuice" and this movie also inspired a lot of people to dress up as the protagonists of it. 

6) Then if scary movie aren't for you but you still want to see something related with Halloween I will suggest you the movie "Young Frankenstein" by Mel Brooks. This movie is just hilarious and it was one of my favorite as I was a kid. 


Now let's talk about some tv series, if you don't want to spend too much time watching a movie:

1) My favorite horror tv show is "American horror story" even though not every season is so scary. My favorite season is for sure the first one called "Murder House" and the third one "Coven". 

2) Another favorite of mine is "Penny Dreadful", in my opinion this is one of the scariest tv series that I've ever saw. Here you can find everything: vampires, were-wolfs, witches and more, plus in this series there are some good actors too like Eva Green and josh Hartnett.                                                                   

3) Another good one is the Netflix's tv series "Sabrina" but don't think at the same Sabrina that we used to watch when we were younger, this is much more scary! 

4) My last recommendation would be the tv show "Bates Motel" based on the classic movie Psycho from Hitchcock. 

These are all my favorite movies and tv show, I hope you will find something here that you like! 

I wish you all a scary Halloween! Till next Wednesday :)