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Semana Santa en Sevilla

The Semana Santa in Sevilla starts on the 25th of the March and finishes at the 1st of Abril but some celebrations starts during the “Viernes de Dolores” and the “Sábado de Pasión”.

One of the most important day is the “Domingo de Ramos” because there are a lot of processions and the principal worships. In this week people commemorate the suffering and death of Christ with amazing processions and they have the possibility to enjoy the traditions, the music, the art and all the beauty of the city. Surely it is one of the most important event of Seville as much as it was declared “Fiesta de Interés Turístico Internacional”. The parades are organized by the associations of Seville and the most noted are those one:

·25th of March (Domingo de Ramos): The first processions is organized by the “Hermandad de la Paz”, from the neighborhood of the Porvenir, is one of the most emotional.

·26th of March (Lunes Santo): the first procession in this day in Seville was in 1924 and it remembered some passages of the Jesus’s life.

·27th of March (Martes Santo): in this day it is celebrated different moments of Jesus in particular his last week.

·28th of March (Miércoles Santo): in 1905 there was the first procession in this day in Seville and the passages are focused on the awareness of Jesus that his death was near.

·29th of March (Jueves Santo): during this day the associations stop in front of the Cathedral. Surely the biggest event is “La Madrugá” which is during the night between Thursday and Friday; is the most special moment of the Holy Week of Seville and the epitome of every processions.

·30th of March (Viernes Santo): It is celebrated the passion of Christ and his death.

·31st of March (Sábado Santo): in this day the body of Jesus is took down from the cross and moved to the sepulcher. It is the wait before the Resurrection in which five brotherhoods do their station of penance.

·1st of Abril (Domingo de Pascua): It is a day of joy because of the resurrection of Jesus.