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Top 4 Gyms in Sevilla

Sevilla is a magnificent place to live in, as it gives you many great opportunities to spend your time sensibly and with joy. There are various activities that you can pursue throughout the city from daily activities to one time in life experiences.

There are many options for you to choose from, from going out with your friends to have a drink, perhaps exploring the old city, or you can just stay at home and relax, anything you desire. In the case that you are looking to do some sport and you are a highly motivated person who seeks out to maximize yourself in everything, why not go to the gym? It is a perfect opportunity for you as a student purely because you have more freedom to do anything you want on your time off. There are various gyms available in Seville, and much closer than you might think. If you are coming from any european country, you will be greatly surprised by the local prices. Depending on your region, there are various gyms available. Here I'll cover the most popular student regions in Seville like center and Triana.

In Triana I would like to point out these two gyms as they would fit any kind of person, from the casual to heavy lifter.

Lets start with my favorite one: Gym 21 in Triana.

Why is it my favorite? Well because it has all you need for a perfect work out once a day. It features air conditioning, good instalments and basically all kind of training device you will ever need. It is located in a deep center of Triana. This means that it won’t be a problem to reach it from any point, no matter where you live in Triana. Another great thing which I have found myself is that the price is very decent. Just 2 months will cost you 50 euros, which is definitely student-friendly. Definitely quite the change from The Netherlands where I would pay 50€ per month.. 

Check out their website:

Address: Calle Esperanza de Triana, 22, 41010 Sevilla

The next gym which I want to talk about will be: Galisport.

This gym is much bigger than the previous one, as it also features a large swimming pool with a resting area. Such advantages comes with a price so of course it is not as cheap as Gym 21. The basic price here is 33€ a month. The pricing for this sport center differs, as it depends on the type of programme you would choose. Another important fact to consider is that most of the gyms offer some kind of classes for anyone interested, from dancing, cycling and swimming to workout sessions such as circuit training!

Check out their website:

Address: Calle Ignacio Gómez Millán, s/n, 41010 Sevilla

Now lets continue with a Sports Centre: Cuesta Sport

This one you can clearly call a luxury gym. It is very modern and high tech. Apart from that it also has various features that would be interesting for any kind of person that wants to be sporty. Even though that it is a high class gym, it has a special tariff for students. The month here would cost you 39€. This is not really a lot if you know what you are getting – a premium service!

Check out their website:

Address: Calle Cuesta del Rosario, 8, 41004 Sevilla

Sport Centre: GO Fit

This is a one huge sport centre located In the centre of Seville. It has all of the features that you will ever need to workout. The only problem however, could be that the prices could be quite high, as it again depends on the type of programme that you would choose. If you want all in one experience that is the place for you!

Check out their website:

Address: Calle José Laguillo, 41003 Sevilla

So what should you do if you have no money but you still want to fit in a workout? Well the answer is simple, you can go for a run! Sevilla is a beautiful city and running through it could be a great way to experience it fully. Due to the fact that it is August, it is way too hot to run during the day, so you have 2 options, in the morning or in the late evening. I personally prefer to run at the evening around 22:00, as it gets dark and I can fully immerse myself into my work out with nighttime lights on the streets. Why not give it a go yourself?