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Spanish sweets that you should try

If you are in Spain you can’t be on a diet because spanish people make a lot of gooooooooood sweet things and have really deep traditions for it. Probably any of traditional festivals here would not be so good without sweets, for example, as Cabalgata de los Reyes when there are thrown more than 100 tons of sweets!

So there’s not a surprise that spaniards consume definitely more sweets than other countries. During the breakfast time they also often eat some sweet things. It’s obvious that while drinking a coffee you will have some sweets in order to have a better mood and day!

Well, the dessert, or ‘el postre’ in Spanish, follows just after the dinner and normally is already fixed in a menu item, so you can find a lot of ‘all included’ offers all around the Spain, especially in Andalusia.

Here is some spanish traditional sweet dishes that we recommend to try during your stay in Spain:

Torrijas -is a very popular plate to eat in easter. It’s a fried bread with sugar.

Turrón- traditional turrón consists of honey, sugar and egg whites cooked together (until honey caramelises) and pine nuts, hazelnuts or almonds.

Ensaimadas- bread rolls resemble a snail shell Shaped with powdered sugar, smelling of yeast.

Flan- made from eggs, milk and sugar. It is available in most Spanish restaurants, and in budget version available in shops and supermarkets on the yoghurt section.

Churros-is an elongated rod fried in deep frying oil.You eat churros on your own or after soaking them in hot chocolate. In the chocolate dip they are especially appreciated in winter, when it is colder outside the windows. Mug with hot chocolate allows you to warm your hands!