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Things to do on your holiday

Hi everyone! As we already have told you in our earlier blog, there will be a longer holiday this weekend that start already from tomorrow. If you are wondering what to do, here are 5 tips to you:

1. Watch series & movies

There is a lot of good series and movies you can watch from Netflix. We already have recommend you some series in our earlier blog and on Friday we will recommend you few more.

2. Make Christmas cards

What is better than staying home and make nice Christmas cards, and then send them to the love ones. From Tiger or the chinese shops you can buy a lot of material to the cards and if you need some decoration tips, check this link:

3. Visit another city

There is a lot of nice cities in Andalusia, why don't you make a trip to Malaga, Granada or Madrid. If you need some recommendations you can check our previous blog post. Check out for example our post about Ronda:

4. Make Christmas presents

What is nicer than self made Christmas presents. You can make for example a calendar with your favorite pictures from abroad. If you need some tips check this page:

5. Just relax

Or the best thing you can do on your holiday is just to be and relax. Sleep, eat and enjoy!