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Three Wise men bring gifts to Sevilla

Long weekend just started now, it includes even three festive days, so it’s really important to know why they are special in Spain! This Friday, Saturday and Sunday Sevilla will be enriched of action and Spanish traditions. The main target for this weekend is ‘Los tres Reyes Magos’ or, in English, ‘Three wise men’ who come to brighten the streets by music, show, fun and to bring not only a lot of sweets but also gifts to children! So don’t miss the opportunity to experience something new and to grab some sweets!

January 4th - Heraldo de los Reyes Magos

On Friday at 5.30 pm at the street Orfila starts a nice symbolic ceremony, during this time Royald Herald moves to the town hall of Plaza Nueva to ask the mayor of Sevilla for the keys to the city. It symbolize an official permission to enter the city, therefore the Wise men from the East can come here next day, when it is celebrated Cabalgata de Reyes (ride of the Wise men)! Also children give the letters to Herald in order to receive their gifts on 6th of January!

January 5th - La Cabalgata de los tres Reyes

The show of the Cabalgata brings all the city together and is worth to see.

This year the Cabalgata leaves at 4.15 from the University of Sevilla and goes all around the city, crossing the neigborhoods of Ronda, Macarena, City Center, Triana and Los Remedios. As Sevilla is the 4th-largest city in Spain, it takes more than 5 hours to pass through all of these areas! The last procession will be around at 10 pm at the same place as it starts when one of the three Wise men, Baltasar, closes the procession. The Cabalgata of Wise men has really strong traditions and is celebrated all around Spain since 1918. This procession attracts more than 3000 people which make the crowd that extends for 1.5 km length! Three Wise men moves by float and among the floats there are bands of music, leading about 600 Bedouins with faces painted black and also some of them ride horses. The MOST IMPORTANT AND FUNNY thing is that during the Cabalgata there are thrown more than 100 tons of candies! So if you are a fan of sweets Cabalgata is perfect suitable for you, also don’t forget to take an umbrella with you in order to catch as much sweets as you can!

January 6th - Tres Reyes Magos (Three Wise men)

In Spain it’s not only symbolic date of Three Wise men, it's the day that most children in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries receive their Christmas presents as they don’t receive it on Christmas! On the eve of January 5, children leave their shoes by the door with hopes that the three kings will leave gifts inside during their overnight visit. Another essential part of Three Wise men Day in Spain is the roscon de los reyes, or kings' cake. The ring-shaped pastry is decorated to look like a crown that a king would wear. It is often topped with glazed fruits, representing the colorful jewels on a crown. Inside it is a surprise, a toy, often a figurine of baby Jesus or a small king. The person who finds it in their piece is said to have good luck for the year!