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tips for new arrivals of Sevilla!

Welcome to the beautiful SEVILLA! Hope yope you have the time of your life here! We are sure that you will fall in love this amazing city, but since you are one in the hottest cities in Europe, we prepaid some recommendations for you!

Do not underestimate the hot in Sevilla, and take care of your skin

Usuallu the hottest period in a day is from 11am till 7pm, especially in July and August. Check the weather before you decide to go out, and dont forget to look at strength of UV in your app. It is essencial to apply the suncream 50UV , if you are going to stay for a long time outside. Also reapply it every 3 hours, if you need.

Drink enough amount of water every day!

You are in a new city, of course you want to explore it. Keep in mind that you always carry bottle of water with you, it is good if it is in thermos! So normally it is recommended to drink 2 litres of water, but to hydrate your body in hot day you should drink twice more per day! Alcohol accentuates the dehydration of the body, which you want to avoid in case of very high temperatures. Same with a soda or a cup of coffee because of the sugar they all contain.

Eat a lot if fresh meal, which contains water

It’s normal to not feel really hungry during hot days: the less your body has to digest, the less it warms up! But still, you should not skip a meal because you need to compensate the loss of mineral salts due to the sweat. Just reduce the quantities and avoid fatty meat, diuretic food (mango, fennel, artichokes or asparagus) and carbohydrates (pastries, candies, sugar, pasta). Prefer food such as vegetables and fruits full of water (cucumber, watermelon, tomato, lettuce, zucchini, spinach, strawberry, peach, melon, apple…).

Choose wisely your clothes and shower often

Wear lightweight, light-colored clothes to help cool down your body temperatures and stay cool by taking showers throughout the day or using water misters. When you go shopping, make sure to treat yourself to clothing with a loose-fit and light material both in weight and colour. In other words, avoid wearing black at all costs as all it does is absorb the heat and the last thing you want to be is a walking sweatband. Wearing a hat when the sun is at its' highest point is also a great idea to avoid any chance of a heat stroke as direct sunlight can be very dangerous. For the girls out there this also gives you a great excuse to go shopping for that hat you've always been afraid to buy, so why not?

Lastly, make the most of the summer weather, for a lot of us who live in the northern regions the sun can be seen on a rare occasion so try out all these tips in order to take advantage of the beautiful days here in Sevilla!