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Top 10 gifts to bring home for Christmas

I am sure we all are looking forward to fly back home to our families and friends for Christmas. But it is not only the plane ticket you will need to by, don´t forget the Christmas gifts! Only a couple of weeks left to find something that your picky little sister likes, or your older brother which you don’t have any idea what he could want. Sooo, what about some typical Spanish Things to bring them. Sure, you can’t bring them a paella or tapas or a flamenco dress. And of course, a souvenir magnet for the fridge or a boring keyholder. I am sure they can get those things anywhere or already got them when they were visiting you.

1. Turron- If you never had one try one, it is delicious! I am sure you Mum, and Grandma will love it.

The star of Christmas time in Spain is Turrón. Of Moorish origins, this is a sweet that comes in many different forms and flavours depending on the recipe of its region, and it is guaranteed to occupy space in every supermarket in the lead up to Christmas.

2. Spanish leather products

They are generally of excellent quality and great value for money too. With everything from belts and purses to handbags on offer, you're bound to find something for the man or woman who has it all. You can find handmade lather things just on the streets of Seville, since there are a lot of little stands selling such things.

3. Saffron- for the foodie

One of the world’s most expensive spices, is a key ingredient in several typical Spanish dishes including paella, and you can pick it up in Spain for roughly half the price of UK supermarkets. The thread-like spice, derived from the flower of the Crocus sativus, is used in dishes around the world, from Saffron bread to curries. Soak the threads in hot water before use to release all the flavor. This way you can cook something Spanish for you family.

4. Framed Picture of you

I pretty sure all parents on this planet love having a picture of their pretty girl or handsome boy. It is simple but anyway it will make your parents very happy. Just buy a frame and put a beautiful picture in it. How about a picture of you in Plaza Espana or in Real Alcazar. When you family or friends already visited Seville, the better. This way they have a nice gift and memory.

5. Spanish Fairy tale – for the bookworm

What better present for kids than a classic fairy tale like Snow White (Blancanieves) — in Spanish? Not only do they have a beautiful object to enjoy, but they can learn a few words in a foreign language at the same time. If you want to pump up the educational element, there are even bilingual picture dictionaries for kids like My First 100 Words. And it is not only or children but this way your parents or friends can learn a little Spanish too.

6. Spanish Ham – for the carnivore

Huge legs of ham are an enduring symbol of Spain, hanging in bars and restaurants around the country. They also make a seriously impressive present for a die-hard carnivore. Jamon Ibérico is one of the finest hams in the world and is cured for at least 12 months, or if your budget doesn't stretch that far, serrano ham is Ibérico’s cheaper, but still delicious cousin.

7. Soccer Jersey- for the footy mad

Spain is home to some of the biggest football clubs on the planet and its national team is one of the best in the world, the recent world cup notwithstanding. Most football teams have their own shops, but there is football merchandise to be found in every tourist shop across Spain, so popular is the national sport.Just visit the Soccer Shop of the Soccer Team of Sevilla, it is located in Av. De la Constitucion which is the street just along the Cathedral of Seville.

8. Spanish Wine – for party Lovers

Spain is one of the largest three wine producers in the world, along with France and Italy, and has the most land dedicated to winemaking of any country. Famous wine-producing areas include La Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Jerez, home to sherry. Spaniards also love to crack open some cava to celebrate special occasions, so you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing which bottle to take home.

9. Hard Rock Souvenirs

How about a typical Hard Rock T- shirt? This is a classic one I am sure you have at least one friend or family member who has one of those. Also, the shop has a lot of great stuff just go visit and have a look.

10. Starbucks mug – for the coffee Lover

Another classical gift are the Starbucks mugs which have the city written on it. So this makes another good gift since it is a souvenir but not a boring one.