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Top 5 Ice Cream in Seville

How to enjoy one of these beautiful late summer days in Seville ? The answer is ice cream ! I think we all agree that ice cream is awesome, so I thought to give you one of the top 5 "heladerias" in Seville you can enjoy.


Let´s be honest it is more the look than the taste that we love but anyway how cool is it to have ice cream shaped as a flower? Also, I must say that it does not only look pretty but tastes good too. So, if you wanna have a good ice cream and a fancy pic, Amorino is the perfect place. And you can basically find it anywhere it this city. Prices starting at 3,60€ for a little cone.


This one is my personal favorite. The place is very fancy and it has typical Italian gelato but also frozen yogurt, the combination of both is simply the best. The prices are ok too, for 2€ you get a small cone and for 4€ you get a small cup of frozen yogurt but it comes with no limits of topics. And If it is your birthday you don’t have to worry about the price because you get it for free!!

Also, the ice cream is gluten free, egg free, lactose free and sugar free.

3.La Abuela

I am sure you already saw this one coming, La Abuela is one of the most famous ice cream shops in Seville. It has so cool and delicious flavors like really tasty! The ice cream does not only look delicious but tastes even better. Prices start at about 2 € if you get a small cone, a small cup its between 3€-4€.


“Bueno, bonito y barato”, sums it all up which basically means: good, nice and cheap, sounds quite good, doesn´t it? They don’t only have ice cream but really tasty desserts too. They even give you a chocolate bocadillo I don’t know it is really that good but it sounds interesting. They have also something called “Freskitos” which is not typical ice cream, it is made of water, juice and sugar and is perfect to refresh on a hot day in Seville.

5.Heladería Los Valencianos

This is probably the most traditional Ice Cream Shop in Sevilla. It is the only one which is not Italian but Spanish. It was established in 1946 which means it is basically older than our parents, imagine that. Therefore, I assume they have pretty good ice since they have a lot of experience with ice cream.