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Top 5 mistakes in language learning

When learning foreign languages, we struggle with various problems. Decline in concentration, lack of involvement or further motivation. Sounds familiar? You have nothing to worry about! If you do not know what you are doing wrong and how to prevent it, our today's post will surely help you. Take a look at the five most common mistakes of language learning.

1. Too much grammar

Focusing all your attention on grammar learning is one of the most common mistakes. Meanwhile, the rules of grammar are much less important than a large resource of vocabulary. Many native speakers also make a grammatic mistake. For example, in the English language, most of the times are not used in everyday life, so you don't have to worry about them so much!

2. Expecting too fast results

A lot of people at the beginning of language learning require too much of themselves. They expects to learn the language in two weeks. Meanwhile, the learning of language is like losing weight! We cannot expect this to happen in such a short time as we would want to. And we cannot give up if something goes wrong.

3. Trying to be perfect

Many of us are afraid to make language mistakes, we want to speak perfectly from the very beginning. And with the right accent! In the meantime, it is much better to concentrate on giving our thought in a simple but understandable way. We do not need to use the sophisticated words.

4. Lack of variety

It's obvious that in order to enjoy learning, we have to do it in an interesting way. Studying textbooks for several hours, day after day, is not the best idea. There are many ways to learn the language effectively. By watching movies and series, listening to music or using appropriate applications on the phone. If you want to take a closer look at these methods, you can look at our previous posts!

5. Not enough conversation

It is known for a long time that in order to learn the language, we must also be interested in its history. The best way to try a conversation is to go to a country whose language we learn. By talking with native speakers we can learn the most. But the condition is that we can not be afraid to speak!