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Top 5 parks to visit in Seville

Sometimes the perfect way to spend your free time is just to relax and have a nice long walk by yourself or together with your friends. Additionally, you can also explore the nature and enjoy the perfect weather in one of these lovely parks.

1) Parque María Luisa

To start with the biggest park of Seville: Parque María Luisa. If you’ve ever googled ‘’Seville’’ then it’s likely that the first pictures that popped up were taken in this amazing park. Not only can you explore the nature here but also you can visit Plaza de España, one of the most beautiful places you will see in your life, I promise! Besides the nature you can find here two museums: The Archaelogical Museum and The Museum of Art and Popular Customs.

2) Real Alcazar

A must-see for every Game of Thrones fan, and of course every other person. In this park, some of the famous scenes of GoT were shot, chosen because of its beautiful location and its stunning plants and nature. For this park, you have to pay for the entrance, but it’s worth every penny. Also, if you like you can spend your whole day here, because it’s super huge and if you want to see everything you can spend here 6-8 hours.

3) Jardines de Murillo

If you made it through the Real Alcazar and have still energy and are motivated to visit other parks, you will find an entrance to Jardines de Murillo next to it. Another entrance is in the district of Santa Cruz, also very recommendable to visit. The garden convincing with its beautiful blooming garden and the best thing is, that it is for free.

4) Jardines de la Cartuja

Stunning place, especially at the evening, with a lot of lights, or just Jardines de la Cartuja! This park is a little bit smaller, but definitely as beautiful as the other ones. Additionally, when you’re exploring this park you can also visit the museum Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art, one of the most important museums in Seville. Also, a fun fact about this park is, that it is said that either Christopher Columbus or his son Hernando planted a tree here: the famous ombú tree.

5) Parque de Miraflores

The perfect place for coming down or maybe even studying, Parque de Miraflores. This park is not directly in the city center, but also definitely worth visiting. Also, the park surrounds a beautiful lake which gave it a very cozy atmosphere and as it is the largest park in Seville, you will find a big diversity of plants and vegetation.

However, as almost all parks have closing hours, please make sure you leave the park punctual to avoid staying the whole night there, because the guardians lock it up! :D