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Top 6 Picnic Spots in Seville

As we all have noticed the sunny days in Seville are finally coming back. And is there a better way to enjoy this lovely weather then with a picnic with friends? We think a picnic is always great idea, you can do it spontaneous while you are out with friends in the city or just grab your flat mates at home. Take some drinks, snacks and a blanket and let’s go! Even though the supermarket might be closed you can just step by the Chinese Market and get yourself some snacks and cold drinks. Just don´t forget cups or a bottle opener 😉 Now you will just need the perfect location to have you picnic at. Soo, we decided to give you our top 6 picnic spots in Seville:

1.The Guadalquivir River

This is for sure the most beautiful place in Seville to have a picnic. You can enjoy the sun and the water just in front of you. You have a lot of spots at the river where you can have the picnic. If you come walking from “Torre del Oro” you can just walk along the river and pick any place to have your picnic. However, we suggest to keep walking till you get to the bridge of Triana. At the bridge you will have a nice spot to have a picnic. It might be a little stony, so you better bring something to sit on. But you will have a beautiful view on the “Puente de Triana” and can take some super nice pictures!

Another spot at the river is if you keep walking pass the bridge of Triana. You will arrive to a little park with grass. There you will have the classical picnic location with benches and also the view at the bridge to your left.

BTW this is the perfect location for our customers living in Triana .

2.Plaza de Espana

This might be one of the most touristic places in this city, but it is really lovely to have a picnic at. And I don’t mean the park of Maria Luisa next to the Plaza de Espana. No, I mean literally the Plaza de Espana. If you are at the plaza you will see the many city´s of Spain in alphabetical order now just pick one of the city´s and you have the perfect location. You will have a beautiful spot with the mosaic around you and the view at the Plaza de Espana.

3.Parque Maria Luisa

The Maria Luisa Park is nearly the perfect place to have a picnic. The park is quite big, so you have a lot of spots to choose and also have a little more privacy then at the Plaza Espana. So, if you want to have some quality bonding time with some special friends this will be perfect.

Plaza de Espana and Parque Maria Luisa are the perfect places to go to, for our customers living in Calle Isabela or Porvenir.

4.Jardin de Murillo

The Jardin de Murillo might be not as big as the Maria Luisa Park but it is a nice alternative. The park is just next to the walls of Real Alcarzar. Here you will find a lot of grass on which you can have a classical picnic with your friends. Also, it is near the city center so the perfect location if you are in the city center and like to have a spontaneous picnic.

Also, this spot is perfect for our customers living in Calle Diego de Riano and Calle Santiago 😉

5.Parque de los Principes

The Principes Park is located in Triana and perfect for our customers living in the Triana area. The park is super nice with a little but beautiful lake. Here you will have plenty space to find the perfect picnic spot for you and your friends. You can enjoy your whole day in the park and also go for a walk with your friends to explore the park.

6.Parque del Alamillo

If you want to have a picnic here you better plan it for a whole day because the park is a little far from the City Center. By bike it will take you about 40 mins. So you can just plan a day trip to the park and also have a Little bike tour and just enjoy Seville ! The park is huge and always full with People, here you will have a gret day for sure. Also the park has a small lake with waveboard area, so you can just picnic and enjoy the beautiful nature.