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Top 8 things to keep in touch!

​Your Erasmus experience is almost over and you are worried to lose your friends? Don’t worry, there are a lot of methods to keep in touch nowadays! Keep reading to find them out!

  • 1.SKYPE
  • Probably it is the most famous, it is useful because with it you can talk face-to-face everywhere and whenever you want without spend money. All you need is an Internet connection!
  • With the new update now you can not only text, but you can also video chat with your friends. Sending videos and pictures is a good way to keep in touch and to maintain a strength relationship.
  • Almost everyone has Facebook. A good idea is to create a group with all the friends made here in Seville so you can share photos, videos, thoughts and organize a trip together.
  • This app is quite new, is similar to Whatsapp but the coolest thing is that you can make a little video instead of a normal vocal message. It is impossible to forget someone in this way! Moreover you can exchange files of any types.
  • Add your friends on Instagram! Today it is used more than Facebook so you can see constantly what your ex-flatmates share. Furthermore, with the Instagram Stories, it is easy to know what your friends are doing in real time.
  • Another social media to stay in contact is Snapchat. It is an alternative way to text, share videos and funny photos as a matter of fact there are a lot of filters you can apply to your face. You have to check the home everyday: the posts and the messages will be deleted in 24 hours!
  • Send a postcard or a letter is the oldest method but, probably, the most beautiful. You can store them forever. With the letter you can also send little objects or printed photos to remember the time spent together.
  • 8.TRAVEL
  • If you have the possibility, you can go to your friend’s home or host him/her or, why not, plan a holiday in a new place! There are a lot of low cost flights or web sites with which you can book a cheap trip.

True friendship knows no distance!;)