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The truth about Spanish stereotypes

Everybody creates them, every country has them: stereotypes. It’s the first thing that comes in your mind when you think about a special nation and it’s also influence your way of seeing people coming from or living in this country. However, have you ever asked yourself how many of them are true? Today, we’re going to speak a little bit of some of the most common Spanish stereotypes and find out what’s the actual matter.

  • 1. Everybody dances Flamenco
  • Not true. First of all, Flamenco is a South-Andalusian dance and as Spain is
  • a very huge country, every region has its one traditional dance. Also, even in the south not everybody can dance it. Especially young people prefer it more and more to dance dancehall, reggeaton or bachata. It may be truth that everybody knows it, but definitely not every Spanish person can dance it or even like this kind of music.

  • 2. Lazy because of siesta
  • Definitely not true. Spain was the founding country of Siesta, that’s true, but, they Spanish people aren’t lazy because of it. Siesta was invited because of the massive heat there is in the summer term, especially in the south of Spain, that’s why some jobs can’t been done. It’s simply impossible for example, to work outside when it is 40 degrees. Also, besides people who work outside, it’s also very common not to do a siesta, but instead a ‘’normal’’ 1 hour break, like in other European countries.

  • 3. Favorite drink: Sangria
  • Also, not true. Personally, I’ve never seen a Spanish person ordering or even drinking sangria. Actually, I think that even I’ve never seen sangria at any of the drinks menus.
  • Spanish people often prefer to drink either cerveza or Tinto de verano con limon. A lot of people think that Tinto the verano is the same as Sangria, but it’s not. Tinto has a different taste and is also with gas. If you’ve never tried it, you definitely should!

  • 4. Very religious
  • Semi true. It’s a fact that there is a large number of catholic churches in Spain, sometimes, for me it seems like, every second building is a church. However, it doesn’t mean that everybody believes in it and goes to church on a regular base. A case study said that actually only 14% of the Spanish people go to the church. However, especially with it’s incredible history there are a lot of other different religions, besides the catholic one. So, to sum up there a lot of believers, a diversity of religions, but also some atheists.

  • 5. Partying all day everyday
  • Also, semi true. It depends of your definition of partying. It is well known that Spanish people like to have dinner and go out late. Reasons for that are again the heat, but also the open-minded and communicative Spanish mentality. Spanish people are often extrovert and like to talk and meet their friends. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going out to the club every day. They just like live life to the fullest.

  • As you can see, almost every stereotype and prejudice is wrong, or at least half wrong. Hopefully, it changed your way of seeing people from other nations a little bit! ;)