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Typical Spanish plate for every region

Hi guys! Today's new blog post is dedicated to the Spanish cuisine. I hope you'll enjoy it :)

When we think about Spanish typical food and drinks we immediately associate Spain with Paella and Sangria, which it's true you can find it, but there is much more to that. 

Here I would like to let you know some typical food for every Spanish region, le's start with our beloved Andalucia!

1) Andalucia: one of the most popular dish in this region is for sure the "Flamenquín", which come from the city of  Cordoba. Another famous plate is also the "Salmorejo" and the "Gazpacho" which are cold soups, perfect for the heat of Andalucia!


2) Let's talk about the region of Castilla y Leon: here you can eat the famous "Cochinillo asado" but also there is the famous "Menestra de Palencia", which is full of vegetables but also you can find some meet.

3) The next region is the "Comunidad Valenciana" and here of course I cannot miss to talk about the Paella. But the typical Paella valenciana is not the one with seafood but with chicken, rabbit, saffron and  green beans. And here you can drink the "Horchata" which is very refreshing during the summer.


4) Navarra: here I would suggest you to eat the "Bacalao ajoarriero" which is similar to a soup.

5) Murcia: here a typical dish is "Pastel de carne" but also the "Arroz con conejos y caracoles", which translated to English is basically rice with rabbit meet and snails. It could sound a bit strange but it's worth to try it. 

6) In Cantabria you can taste the "Cocido montañes" which a soup made with chorizo and morcilla. 

7) Now it's the turn of Cataluña: here a very typical plate is "Calamares a la romana" which is also very common as a tapas. Of course, even though it's not a dish you will have heard for sure of the "Crema catalana" which of course is from this region.



8) Let's talk about Galicia now: since this region is on the Atlantic Ocean of course the main dish here is fish. Here the two main dishes that I will suggest you to try are the "Pulpo a feira" which I can assure you it's delicious. Also here is very famous the "Percebes" which are weird-shaped seafood, but in Galicia everyone loves them!


9) Pais Vasco: here you will find for sure the Marmitako.

10) Castilla La Mancha: the most well-known dish in this region is the "Migas" which is basically very small pieces of bread with chorizo, bacon and olive oil. It's very good for cold weather. 

11) Aragon: in this region at the base of most dishes is the meat, and the most famous one is the "Ternasco de Aragon".

12) Comunidad de Madrid: the "Cocido a la madrileña" which is made with different types of meat, chickpea and other vegetables.

13) In Extremadura is also typical the "Migas" but they have their own variety of Migas which is not the same as the one of the region of Castilla.

14) In Rioja the main dish is called "Patatas a la Riojana", as you can notice a lot of dishes in Spain are made with potatoes. 

15) Asturias: here you will definitely eat the "Fabadas Asturias" made with fabas, chorizo, bacon and a lot of other good stuff! 

16) Now let's talk about the islands: in the Islas Baleares the fish could not miss, in fact the main dish is the "Sepia con sobrasada y miel".

17) In the Canary Islands the "Papas arrugadas con mojo" are very typical. 

So as you can see Spain has a very large amount of yummy dishes, and not only Paella, croquetas y sangria! 

I hope you enjoy this travel around every region of Spain and its dishes, until next week :)