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A week of Spanish cuisine one shouldn’t miss out on!

Generally, when exploring the Spanish cuisine one will find a lot of amazing food ideas which we’d consider as surprisingly underrated or misunderstood, which is why we thought we’d give you some interesting insights into the Spanish delicacies. Despite the fact, that many delicious recipes are widely available abroad already and have spread successfully, there are many simple food ideas out there to explore and popularize if you ask us!


Let’s start with the tremendously small bread rolls being sold for a euro each everywhere you go! Sounds good? They are indeed, no further explanation needed. The so called Montaditos are to be found in many places like Sevilla or Madrid for instance. A meal is easily affordable at 4.50€ and will provide the customer with his or her individual choice of tiny sandwiches/rolls and a drink. Moreover, the little basket filled with delicious rolls brings together a lot of variety and different tastes in one meal only. A typical meal one could expect getting there would be a little hot dog, a crispy chicken sandwich followed by a little tuna roll. All which you can drown in a pool of beer for 1.50€, for a little less than a regular pint.


Spaniards, Pinchos, Japas, Aparnas or Tapas. Whatever you want to call them, you’ve not only got a choice of different terms to choose from, you will also find many versions of them either hot or cold. Tapas doesn’t describe a certain type of food only, it generally only describes a small portion of food. In some places the tapas – traditionally served as appetizers or snacks for in between – have evolved to be categorized as a fancy snack as part of a sophisticated Spanish cuisine. It is quite a common thing to do in Spain to go out for a round of Tapas, where you can either have many different ones or just order a single Tapa to stop your stomach from grumbling.


Let’s take a minute to thank our Portuguese ancestors who might have brought our amazing churros back from China and if you don’t know what to thank him for, you’re highly likely not to have tried them before. A churro also known as a caliente, is a fried-dough pastry based snack traditionally served with hot chocolate, dulce de leche (creamy caramel sauce) or a little coffee with milk. These crunchy sweets are normally eaten for breakfast and understandably have made their way into many different cultures as well!


Finally, something we know about! Or do we really? When speaking to many foreigners one will come to find that a lot of people are not quite sure what Tortillas are due to different meanings in different continents. While reading this, many might think of wraps or crisps at first, but actually Tortillas are made of eggs and describe a simple Spanish omelette whereas in Mexico for instance one would rather expect a corn-based wrap. Basically, it is possible to add any ingredients you might like to your Tortilla but a common choice by example would be any leftover veggies, sausage, jarred red peppers and one mustn’t forget the cheese!


I am pretty sure we have all tried some version of the rice dish Paella before, but one thing a lot of tourists and travelers ask themselves is: Is this a traditional Paella I’m eating? Once in Spain, it is obvious that there are many varieties of Paella available locally, raising the question which of them is the original one. The traditional Paella is believed to have originated from Valencia and is made of white rice, vegetables, green/white beans, snails (Yes, they eat snails in Spain, too!), artichokes, chicken or rabbit meat, and spices such as saffron and rosemary. Other varieties such as a seafood, mixed and a vegetarian or vegan Paella are commonly known and served locally whereas many of which might have been a little simplified for commercial sales or improved preparation times.


Spain probably is one of the fewer countries, in which soup is served cold due to very hot temperatures in parts of the country even in winter. Of course, not every type of soup will be served cold here, but the most famous you probably won’t be able to try warm. The Gazpacho soup is made of water, olive oil, vinegar, bread and numerous raw vegetables. It is generally known to be a refreshing snack during the summer season, so if you can find a nice place, try scooping some Gazpacho to cool off from the heat!


FINALLY! Something we all know about or maybe not know about anymore, the delicious as well as dangerous drink Sangria! The tasty red wine is mixed with different types of fruit such as pineapples, peaches or berries for instance. The drink eventually is sweetened with sugar and mixed with fruit juice. When looking at the recipe it is obvious to why this drink can be described as dangerous, because it’s very easy to drink a little too much..

The good thing is we’ve got all these delicious snacks to help us through the hangover the next day! :-)