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What is Cyber Monday?

The Monday after Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday. It usually starts at midnight Eastern time. All major online stores use this day as an excuse to have sales and other promotions like free shipping. Get your shopping done without venturing out and fighting for parking.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday was invented a couple of years ago by the online shopping industry to mirror the success of Black Friday, but focused online when everyone is back to “work.”

The start date is November 27, 2017, the first Monday after Thanksgiving. It's expected to be the biggest shopping day of the year. Adobe Digital Insights predicts that online shoppers will spend $6.6 billion, 16.5 percent more than in 2016. online, a 9.4 percent increase. It would replace Black Friday, which will only receive $5 billion in online sales.

Cyber Monday is so popular because 75 percent of shoppers dive in first thing Monday morning. Twenty-five percent shop during lunch and 34 percent go online Monday night. Only 19 percent take advantage of Cyber Monday sales the rest of the week. Nearly a third of shoppers begin Cyber Monday shopping on Sunday. That's becoming more and more popular. It used to be that shoppers needed the faster internet speeds from work computers. Now, personal laptops and mobile devices are as fast as work computers.

Cyber-Monday is starting earlier because most online retailers start their Cyber Monday deals earlier. In fact, top stores like Wal-mart, Target, and Amazon start Cyberweek sales on Thanksgiving Day itself. The best way to get in on their deals is to sign up for their email newsletters.

Examples of Cyber Monday Deals

Looking at the past, serves as a preview of what many be available this year. There are highlights from last year:

Bloomingdale's - Extra 25% off - lightning deals every 15 minutes

Levi's - 40% off - 20% off coupon

Target - 15% off sitewide

Puma Extra - 30% off

Newegg electronics - 20% off

How to Prepare for Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is one of the best days to shop online. Most stores will have great deals and free shipping, and you can do all your holiday shopping in one sitting. If you did not purchase everything on your Black Friday shopping list, you can probably find the same items on sale this day.

Here are some ways to get prepared:

1.Have accounts set up at stores you shop at

2.Have a Paypal account - many online stores use it

3.Have multiple computers ready

4.Upgrade to a Fast Internet Connection

5.Check regularly

6.install the BuyVia app for iOS and Android

7.Refresh your Browser often

8.Use a password manager/form filler to logon faster

9.Make a list of all the stores that may sell items you are interested in purchasing. Create accounts at all stores, so you can check out faster. You should also have Paypal and Visa Chceckout accounts set up, as some discounts require payment using these systems.

10.Visit deal sites such as BuyVia which will list Cyber Monday sales at most major stores. There is no central repository of Cyber Monday sales, unlike Black Friday in their newspaper ads.

As with Black Friday, enlist a friend or family member to shop at the same time. Stay in touch by instant messaging. Have all your laptops, Tablets and Smartphones fully charged and ready to shop.

Use a password manager to store all your logins, so that you can login into any store with one click. Also, so you can check out with ease.

Most stores start their sales at midnight Eastern time on Sunday night, so we recommend people stay up late Sunday night to get a jump on their Cyber Monday shopping.