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What to do in Seville during rainy days

Rainy days in Seville? This is probably a question that many of you ask, but yes, also in Seville sometimes fall a drop of a rain here and there. Unfortunately, like in a whole Europe, the weather went crazy in the last few weeks also in Seville, with heavy rain and wind. The worst thing is, that it lasts much longer than usually. So here comes the question, what to do in Seville, when this weather strikes? We are bringing you a few ideas :)

Bed - your best friend

Many people prefer to stay in bed, during this kind of a time to avoid getting all wet and cold, and I totally agree, that this weather is made for staying at home, cuddled up in a bed, putting on your favourite movie, watching series on Netflix or just enjoying a good book. And don´t forget to make yourself a cup of tea, cocoa or anything that would warm you!

Make lunch at home

When you want to stay at home, but you could do with some company, invite your friends for a lunch. You can prepare some typical spanish food, which are easy to prepare, for example salmorejo as an appetizer, tortilla, paella, or ensaladilla rusa. If you are not in a mood for spanish food, you can simply prepare something which is typical for your country, to let your friends taste a bit of its traditional cuisine.

Go to cinema

Sevilla has various cinemas where you can spend a quality time. Moreover, you can train your spanish at a same time ;)

Go shopping

You can use this kind of a weather for shopping and buy all the things you are missing, now that you can´t walk the streets, and enjoying sightseeing and rays of the sun. In Seville are couple of shopping malls, where you can find all kinds of shops under one roof, like Nervión Plaza, Los Arcos, Plaza de Armas. While shopping you can also take a break to drink coffee or have a lunch.

Do some sports

Don´t use this kind of a weather as an excuse! Even though you can´t go out for a run or for a bike ride, you can always go to the gym, where you can do the same, and even a little bit more with various types of machines. In addition to gym, you can go swimming, or take a yoga class.

Go to escape room with friends

Some of you probably know what escape room means, but for those who hear this expression for the first time, escape room is a physical adventure game, when players have to solve a series of riddles and puzzles, using clue, hints and strategy to complete the objectives. Players have a certain time limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden in the rooms. This is also a great opportunity to strengthen relations with your friends, to know them better, and to spend really good and funny time with them. In Sevilla you can find many of these escapes room. In Triana are 2 of them, in Los Remedios are 3, in San Bernardo 1, and in Nervión are 6 of them.