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What to do this weekend?

Hi everyone! It’s Friday again, which means weekend!!! What are you going to do this weekend? We can give you some tips of what to do.


This festival takes place at the square at Prado de San Sebastián. As the name already says, it’s a festival where all the different countries and cultures come together. There are food stands of the different countries, selling their typical dishes. For example, the stand of España sells paella, Greece sells gyros, France sells Crêpes, Mexico sells tacos and so on… Unfortunately, there is no stand of the Netherlands, but in the stand of Belgium you can find frikadellen and bitterballen for all the Dutch people who have been craving that since their arrival!

Next to the food stands, there are also many stands with souvenirs, accessories, bags, dresses, etc. And the good thing of all, this market will be there for the entire month, so you will have enough time to go visit it!

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A cultural festival that takes place throughout the whole city. When? TONIGHT and tomorrow night from 8 o’clock until 2 o’clock in the night. What? You can do/visit many different things, like; Teatro, Música y danza, literatura, fotografía, musea y mucho mas. How much? Depends on what you want to do/see, some things are free other things only costs 4 euros.

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For all the fashion fans!!! This weekend, 5,6 and 7 October there is a big outlet of many different brands in the Cartuja. You can find discounts till 60/80 %!!!! Go check it out!

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