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Where to get the best views of Sevilla

When you are walking around the streets of Seville, you probably don’t think how the same places look like from above. However, there are many places where you can see a beautiful overview of Seville and plenty of its never-ending narrow streets.

1.Metropol Parasol, also known as “Las Setas” or “Mushrooms”, is the biggest wooden construction in the world that offers a priceless view! You can go up for only 3 Euros!!! It is built from 3,400 individual wooden elements and 3,000 load-bearing connection nodes. You can see clearly how every detail is connected with each other when you walk through the long path on the very top of construction. All the most beautiful landmarks of the city and a lot of white houses with small terraces and swimming pools look like a puzzle of Seville! The best time to visit this building is in the evening when the sun goes down. Then you can see the best view of the sunset and after some minutes enjoy the best view in the dark with a lot of lights!

2.Do you know that Cathedral of Seville is the third biggest cathedral in the world? La Giralda is the part of it, also known as the symbol of Seville! So the trip to the Giralda Bell Tower is necessary!! From the top of it you can see a garden of orange trees inside of the Cathedral and and enjoy the view of this landmark from a lot of different angles! It is important to mention, that you have to climb a lot of stairs to get there!

3.Torre del Oro is a defensive tower dating from the 13th century. The tower is 36 meters high and stands on the left side of the river. The tower has two floors where the exhibition of the maritime museum takes place and on the third floor you can find a panoramic view. Because of the hight of the tower, you will have an amazing view over the city and over the river. And we as students can go up for only €1.50!

4.BIG NEWS!!! TODAY el centro commercial Torre Sevilla is opens! It took some time, but here it is finally! You can find many things inside, first of all many shops, like: Zara, Primark, H&M, y mucho más (even IKEA). As well there is a gym, Burger King, Dunkin Coffee, Starbuck, The Good Burger, etc. And of course, on the top you will find a nice rooftop, where you will maybe have the best view of the city. We haven’t tried it out yet, have you?