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Why is worth to get lost in the Isla de la Cartuja

Did you know that Sevilla is unique not only because of its well-known majestic architecture in the city center but also of its individual neighbourhoods? Isla de la Cartuja is one of the most distinctive neighbourhoods which has to offer a lot of to someone who loves to explore hidden places. This magical Island also attracts bunch of students every day to Faculdad de Comunicación, one of the most popular faculties of Universidad de Sevilla.

First of all, you need to know something about the history of this place. Isla de la Cartuja is an island in the Guadalquivir river where Cristopher Columbus lived when planning the voyage to the west. Facing to very old times, nowadays this place is important as well. Find out why! 

1. The world's fair to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the first Columbian expeditions, the Expo'92 was located here. Today the site of Expo’92 is divided between a research and development park called Cartuja 93 and a theme park called Isla Magica  You can walk throughout Cartuja 93 for free, however, admission to the Isla Mágica requires an entrance fee! 

2. Cartuja Viaduct, Puente de la Barquete and Puente de Alamillo bridges lead to Cartuja Island. Puente de la Barquete and Puente de Alamillo are unique bridges by their shapes and architecture and can offer a really nice view to Guadalquivir river. You can see a colorful panoramic view of Seville from there, especially when the sun is setting down! Both sides along the river have nice walkway and bicycle road as well which means that it’s quite easy to reach an island from every location in Seville. 

Isla de la Cartuja is full of beautiful constructions and interesting buildings as cooling system of the Explo’ 92 called Bioclimatic sphere which surrounded by a lot of small fountains. This architecture masterpiece stands in the middle of the Palm Avenue and is one of the most known landmarks of Cartuja Island. 

Whilst discovering places in Cartuja Island, probably you will find abandoned church on Calle Louis Pasteur which seems to be a little bit scary and magical all at the same time! By the way, this secret church is Hungarian Pavillion and it is a part of Expo'92. 

If you are tired of crowded places and bunch of people on busy streets in the city center, probably the best place to get lost is one of the parks in Cartuja Island. Alamillo Park is really big by its size and is one of Spain's largest urban parks, reaching 120 hectares! Park contains some lakes where people have an opportunity to observe local and the ecosystem of lake. While Alamillo Park is really big place requiring a lot of time, Guadalquivir park is a bit smaller. Although it is a lovely place to get lost with the book or just spend spare afternoon making a picnic!