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Year abroad at University of Seville : All you need to know

The University of Seville is a university located in Spain; Precisely Seville/ Sevilla. 
It is a huge university with diverse faculties, founded in 1505. It accommodates more then 70,000 students and is ranked among the top universities of the country. 
 You can find everything you need to know about this amazing university by checking out this link: . *Enjoy your Academic Year in Seville*

Here are some Reviews from anonymous International students on living and studying at Universidad of Sevilla:

1. Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Seville, Spain

You always find something different to do ( Spanish student)

Why to come and live in Seville? Well, I´ve always lived here, but I guess spending a year here as an exchage student has to be a not-to-be-missed experience. Why? I´ll list a few reasons:

Beautiful city: there are a lot of places to visit in the city and around

Activities and nightlife: you´ll always find something different to do and nightlife is awesome in Seville. You won´t be able to visit all the different bar that are waiting for you in a whole year.

-Food: definitely you´ll enjoy trying tapas such as salmorejo, montaditos (definitely you hve to try "pringa") or just dhaving a beer at "El Salvador".

-Weather: weather in Seville is quite soft and will let you doa big range of activities and life outside.

2. Study experience: University of Seville ( Italian Student)
Academics; City and culture

The fantastic international atmosphere, the kindness of the local people and professors. A good university organization. The city is very beautiful and warm, and very cheap indeed!!!
Stay as long as possible with foreign students and avoid to stay only with those who are citizens of your same country!

3. It is said about Sevilla … ( Finnish student)

Uni services & facilities

City & Culture

It is said about Sevilla that it is one of the most typically Spanish cities, with which I wholeheartedly agree! Extremely rich in culture and traditions (including but not limited to Semana Santa and Feria de Abril), there is always something new to do and to see, although I'm pretty sure you can never get tired of doing sightseeing in the marvelous city of the fictional Don Juan and Carmen. Speaking of which, to think I got to spend two semesters studying in the main building of Universidad de Sevilla, which used to be the biggest tobacco factory in the world at one point and which was one of the locations in Bizet's legendary opera Carmen..! Long story short, during my 10 months in Sevilla I fell in love both with the city and the country, and one day in the not-so-distant future I hope to return to something I now refer to as my second home.

4.Vie quotidienne ( French student)

City & Culture

Social Life

Séville est une ville très agréable.

Les Sévillans sont très aimables mais il n'est pas toujours facile de s'intégrer. Les étudiants Eramus ont tendance à rester entre eux. Je vous conseille de vous inscrire dans une association locale ou de trouver une colocation avec des Espagnols, pour connaître un peu plus la culture locale.

Les Sévillans vivent la nuit. C'est encore plus vrai en été quand ils cherchent la fraicheur qui a manqué pendant la journée. La vie nocturne est donc très animée.

On y découvre l'Espagne typique: flamenco, corrida et tapas. Ne manquez pas les processions de la Semana Santa et la semaine de la Feria au mois d'avril.

Les magasins sont généralement ouverts de 10h à 14h et de 17h à 21h. Les horaires des repas sont décalés par rapport au reste de l'Europe.

Les Andalous ont un accent assez particulier. Il faut s'y faire au début mais on comprend vite qu'ils mangent la fin des mots. En tout cas, si on comprend un Andalou après on peut comprendre n'importe quel accent en espagnol.

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