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Public transport

Public transport


Seville’s airport San Pablo is located 10 km north of the city. It has both domestic and international flights and also some low-cost airlines are flying from here, for instance Ryanair and Vueling. The airport has excellent bus connection to Seville, and it is also possible to take taxi to the city centre (approximately 25€).


The main train station is Santa Justa, but many trains also leave from San Bernando train station. From here you can take both commuter trains and long haul trains.

For more information, timetables and prices, visit


Sevilla has one metro line which operates between Ciudad Expo-Olivar De Quintos. Metros tend to go every five minutes. The line has been divided into three different zones. If you go from one zone to another you have to pay small additional fee called a “jump” (salto). Tickets can be bought from the vending machines. For more information, visit:

Billet Type 0 Salta 1 Salta 2 Salta Single billete - Billete Univiaje

1.35€ 1.60€ 1.80€ Round trip (Billete de ida y vuelta)

2.70€ 3.20€ 3.60€ Metro (Bonometro)*

0.82€ 1.17€ 1.37€ *Recharge min. 10€ max. 50€ Bus and Tram

By bus is probably the best way to move around in Seville. There are more than 40 lines and the buses that runs regularly from about 6.30 am to 11.30 pm.

Single Ticket (billete univiaje)

Bus: Can be purchased from the driver.

Tram: Can be purchased from the vending machines at the tram stops. 1.30€

Multi Card (tarjeta multiviaje)

The multi card can be purchased and recharged on:

Information point at Prado de San Sebastian and Ponce de Leon, Tussam main office Avda. Andalucia 11, and in over 700 points throughout Sevilla (tobacco shops, kiosks etc.) that have the Tussam sign
 Can be recharged at the vending machines on the stop of Archivo de Indias, Plaza Nueva, Prado San Sebastián and Puerta de Jerez
Card deposit 1.50€ (you will get back deposit when/if you return the card). Card can be charged for min. 6€ or max. 50€ per time. 0.70€ / trip Tourist Card

(1 to 3 days) Allows unlimited amount of trips for the period of validity.
Card deposit 1.50€ (you will get back deposit when/if you return the card). 1 day: 5€ 3 days 10€

Other cards available for people registered in Seville. For more information, visit any information point, Tussam main office or the web page

Night buses run every day with departures at 0:00, 1:00 and 2:00 from Prado de San Sebastián. Airport bus leaves from Prado de San Sebastián, Avda. El Cid. Single ticket is 2.40€, return ticket 4.20€. If you are using a rechargeable card it costs 2€/ way. Long journey buses leave from Plaza de Armas or Prado de San Sebastian.

Travelling by bus is usually cheaper than by train, so it might be useful to check both train and bus prices when planning your trip For more information about travelling to:

Inside Spain, Portugal and other countries: Madrid, Madrid airport: Algerciras, Cádiz, Jerez, Rota: Fuengirola, Marbella, Ronda etc.:
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