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What should I visit

What should I visit

The Cathedral of Seville and La Giralda

La Giralda It is a wonderful tower in the Santa Cruz area. The view from the Giralda is magnificent and it is worth an effort to climb the 34 bends up the bell tower. From the top of the tower you will have an excellent view on Seville that will take your breath away.The entrance costs 7.5 euro.The Cathedral of Seville The cathedral of Seville is one of the biggest and the most impressive cathedrals in Spain as well as in the whole Europe. The architecture is authentic and very impressive, but it is even more beautiful from the inside. Everyone who comes to Seville should go to the cathedral during the Mass at least once, just to listen to the church organs and bells. This cathedral is definitely one of the most beautiful ones in the world and you will be sure about this after having visited it. 

Opening hours Monday-Saturday: 11:00-17:00 Sunday: 14:30-18:00 

Prices Optional Cathedral roof tour: 12 Euros. 

Student price (under 26 years old): 4 Euros.

Metropol Parasol - Las Setas

If you love architecture, you will definitely appreciate the Metropol Parasol, or how it is most known "Las Setas" as it is a beautiful thing to watch. It is made of wood and it looks amazing! It's situated near to the centre of Sevilla with many cafes and shops around. The area is very picturesque and you will take lots of photos there and interesting places to take photos of The Metropol Parasol seems to hover over the streets like a mushroom cloud. You can also go upstairs and see the panoramic view of Sevilla. 

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday, Sunday 10 AM- 11 Pm

                          Friday - Saturday 10 AM - 11:30 PM

Entrance: 3euros (including one drink)

Plaza de España de Sevilla 

Plaza de España has been completely renovated. It is absolutely gorgeous and in case you've been there already, you need to re-visit it. If you have never been there before - you must go and see it. Plaza de España is the favorite spot for Sevillanas to pose for their wedding photos and a "must-see" in Seville. The ornate bridges leading from the building cross a canal where you can hire a rowing boat. 

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 08:00-22:00 Price: Free 

Real Alcázar

Real Alcázar When you enter to these gardens you get a feeling that you are in paradise. You can easily notice Arab, Jewish and Christian harmony. It is a wonderful place and really worth seeing. You can feel that you are in some different place, different times when you are walking through impressive country yards. You experience a sense of peace. It is a place that you have to visit. 

The entrance is free on Mondays 4pm to 5pm (October-March) and 6pm to 7pm (April-September)

Plaza Nueva

This is one of the most visited squares in the city centre. Surrounded by many old buildings, it is a place with unique atmosphere. There is a statue of San Fernando in the middle of Plaza Nueva. It´s a perfect spot to sit on a bench and lose yourself in a book or find a nice lunch or coffee. Moreover, the City Hall is situated right next to Plaza Nueva. 

Torre del Oro

At the first sight Tore del Oro looks like just a tower by the river but you shouldn’t judge it before you have visited it. The best option would be to visit Torre Del Oro when the weather is warm and not windy, because there is a terrace on the top of the building where you can see the whole centre of Seville. The monument has a rich history of safeguarding as it is the building in strategic location. Inside of the tower there is a museum where you can learn more about the history of Torre Del Oro.

Price: with a student card is: 1.50 euro

Parque de María Luisa

Behind the Plaza Espania the park can easily be passed by. With amazing buildings you could spend an afternoon or longer here enjoying the various buildings from the 1929 exhibition and the park itself. The best way to see this park is by horse drawn carriage and then come back and stroll around on foot. So many different species of trees and marvelous buildings all steeped in history. It is the perfect place to take a walk, or a run, or even have a nice picknick and just relax on the grass. 

 Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 08:00-22:00 

Teatro de la Maestranza

This theater is located very close to the Torre Del Oro and pier from where the Guadalquivir cruises appears. The building was designed by two architects and opened for Expo92. It is an opera house and sevillians are proud to have it. 

Plaza de Toros

A wonderful space. Correct and concise guide. The museum is small but big enough to understand the history of it and to get enchanted with the world of bullfighting. This arena is considered one of the most emblematic in Spain. The architecture is marvelous and it is curious to see the place inside. 

Opening hours Monday-Sunday 09:30-19:00 

Price: 4 euros with a student card

Exposicion Universasl

The other name is Exposicion Universasl 1992 was a huge fiesta back in 1992 in Seville. The city hosted representations from more than 110 countries, more than 40mln people visited the city. Many of these nations constructed pabellones (pavilions) in Isla Cartuja, the site where the Expo was held, to show a microcosm of their culture and architecture. This Expo was very important to Seville´s infrastructure and development (economic and social). It has been more than 20 years since this exposition, but you can still feel it in Seville. The Alamillo Bridge is a structure, which spans the Canal de Alfonso XIII allowing access to la Cartuja. The bridge was constructed as a part of infrastructure improvements for Expo 92. There are a lot of buildings in the city than are built during the Expo, so you can feel the atmosphere of exposition everywhere.

Isla Magica

 For those who are more into extreme leisure, one of the best places to visit in Seville, would be Isla Magica. It is an amusement park, full with different roller coasters, Water Park, pirates and much more what cannot be described in words. If you are active, not afraid of height and getting wet, this is a place you must visit.

The University of Seville

Since 1929 it was the former old tobacco factory which became world-famous for its role in the opera Carmen. It’s a huge complex but take special note of its portal, with sculpture works of Cayetano de Acosta and the chapel "Hermandad de los Estudiantes", with a Jesus Christ of Juan de Mesa. You can walk through this entrance pass an inner courtyard and exit to the road the other side. Opposite the university are several bars frequented by the students.

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