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1st of May: Cordoba’s Patios Festival Begins

Looking for something to do tomorrow, to make the most of that day off of work or university? Why not take a day trip to Cordoba?

Every year, when spring arrives, Cordoba bursts into bloom. Throughout the month of May, the city hosts various spring celebrations. It begins with a parade called ‘the Battle of the Flowers’ followed by the May Crosses festival taking place during the first week of the month.

Moreover, during the first two weeks of the month, there is a special event called the ‘Patio Contest’. This year, it starts 1st of May and ends on the 13th. Due to the very hot and dry climate of the city, most homes were built with a central patio. People used to fill them with flowers, plants and water features to keep their house cool during summer. This tradition dates back to the Roman times, was continued by the Moors and is still present nowadays! Then, some people figured that it would really be a shame to keep these treasures of creative decoration hidden so, once a year, the iron gates and doors open, and everyone gets the chance to see Cordoba’s wonderful patios with their flowers, ceramics and stone mosaics.

The May Patio Contest is much more than just a contest: the city advertises it as a festival and during that month, locals offer various forms of entertainment. Some of the most famous names of Flamenco travel to the city at that time for example.

The 50 patios from the competition are open to the public and entrance is free. You can find an interactive map of them here: Patios are opened from 11am to 2pm and from 6pm to 10pm.

And for train tickets you can check here (23€ total):