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5 Advices how to survive the new semester

Hi guys!! The new semester is coming, and I wanted to give you some advice if you will be new in your university or apartment. I wanted to share with you my experience, maybe it will be useful for you.

1) Be open

It is important to give a chance to everyone and not to hate them just after a few seconds. Remember that maybe she/he is also new and feels the pressure to find a new friend. Don’t feel stressed, take a few breaths and calm down.

2) Go out for a coffee or lunch

Food always helps, when you are waiting for it, you can easily start a small talk and you will forget about everything.

3) Awkward photos

I don’t know what about you, but I am not so photogenic as many people are. That why I love when my friends and I do some awkward photos because we all can laugh. Don’t be scared to do something weird, you are not alone we all are weird, but we are not showing it.

4) New activity

Sign up for some new activity don’t be scared. Some new challenges can push you to make friends. Also, same interest can help you to find some good friends.

5) Be yourself

Show them who are you I am sure that they will do the same.