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5 signs that Sevilla is your city

It is not a secret anymore that a lot of people want to come back to Sevilla again and again or even to stay here forever when they visit it for the first time! So what kind of magic is happening here? Maybe it is just a good atmosphere, or maybe it has much deeper meaning… If you also noticed some of the following signs during your stay in Sevilla, probably you have never thought about it but Sevilla is your city!


If you cannot stop to explore all the corners of Sevilla and you want to remember every single street, to check every single neighborhood and to hear every single story about this city, probably it is the first sign that Sevilla is calling for you. In this case it is really useful tohave  a plan or to make a list of places you want to visit. Following a plan will make your exploration easier! Even if you still cannot stop after few months, it is a clear sign that you have a deep connection with Sevilla.


If you suddenly understood that you want to learn (or to improve) Spanish language in order to feel like home here and you put a lot of efforts into it, you are on the right way! There is no better way to learn Soanish than being in Spain, especially if you imagine yourself living here in the future. The feeling is amazing when you do your best and after some time realize how much you improved, so do not be afraid to get lost into it if want to see the progress!


If the concept of ‘40 degrees’ more satisfies you than scares, probably you already found your place! Although weather in winter is not so hot here, the rest of the months have a very high average temperature, even a lot of locals can’t stand it, especially in summer! Meanwhile a lot of people are leaving Sevilla in summer, you can enjoy empty city and make the best of it!


If you have such a good feeling inside that you have never felt before, probably it’s because you and Sevilla have matched! When you enjoy every single day being in the place you love, good things are happening to you. You can believe it or not, but locals say that ‘Sevilla has a special colour’ and possibly this is an answer to the question why this city cause an addiction!


And finally, if you cannot stop to tell everybody how happy and excited you are being here and if you do not regret any of your past decisions that led you into this adventure, it is meant to be! Now it is time to create a plan for the future and follow your dreams!!