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5 Things NOT to do at your arrival in Seville

There are million advices and things you should do when arriving in a new city. However, this article shows you which things you should avoid and definitely not do at your arrival in Seville.

1) Do not organize everything at the last minute

This point is especially important before your arrival. You should plan your transfer from the airport to your hostel or apartment before your trip starts, maybe at home, to make sure you don’t have any problems to find it or the address. Seville is a big city with a lot of small streets so not all locals could help you out. However, if it’s already too late and you are ready to fly, at least, make sure you have Internet access in Seville, this makes it easier to find your address. 

2) Do not get tricked

Depending on how long you are staying in Seville, you can have many pieces of luggage and taking the bus won’t be an option. So, your only option might be taking a taxi and if you do this, it is very important to not get fooled. My recommendation: the app mytaxi. With mytaxi you get to know the price before your ride, you can pay with card, you get discount codes for your next rides and most of the taxi drivers speak English. 

3) Do not lose sight of your valuable things

Like in almost every big city there is crime in Seville, especially at the airport or at parking spaces you should be very careful and watch out for your valuable things like your purse or your cellphone. The best way to keep everything together and near to your body is a belt bag or a cross body bag. 

4) Do not underestimate the heat

This point might be the most important one, because basically everyone underestimate it. If it’s your first day in Seville and you are curious and want to discover the city you can do this, but don’t do this from 2 p.m. till 6 p.m.. The heat is very exhausting and you can probably get circulatory problems, so just stay at home at this time. Additional tips to overcome the heat you can find at our other blog entry: How to support the summer heat of Andalucía available on

5) Do not get looked out

This tip maybe sounds a little bit ridiculous, but it happens to a lot of people, like me. This was the first experience I made in Seville and I want to protect you from it. In Spain, it’s common that you have a different key for every door and if you live in a shared apartment, it’s likely that you have a key to your room. So, make sure you take this key with you every time you leave your room, because the key service in Seville is very expensive. But if you got looked up, don’t worry, you can try to open the door with a card, not advised is a credit card, and in most cases the door to your room will be open.