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Swimming pools in Sevilla

The thing that is most missing in Seville is probably the sea with a nice beach, and with the hot weather coming up, you might be asking where to find a pool. Unfortunately the city doesn’t have a big public open air pool,. But don't worry I'll show you all the places you can go to survive the hot temperature .

Top 4 Gyms in Sevilla

Sevilla is a magnificent place to live in, as it gives you many great opportunities to spend your time sensibly and with joy. There are various activities that you can pursue throughout the city from daily activities to one time in life experiences.

6 Interesting Facts about Spain

Spain is a really fascinating country, with lots of facts which even could be considered odd and uncommon, while others could be interesting to know! Curious? Then continue reading :)

Best apps for learning Spanish

Gone are the days of writing hundreds of flashcards to help memorize Spanish verbs. Instead, download the following apps we mention below. While attending language classes is important in helping you improve your grasp of Spanish and acclimatise to your new country, there are some more relaxed ways you can build your skills outside of the classroom.

Become familiar with Spanish lifestyle!

Have you ever thought that something that doesn't look normal to you, can be considered as absolutely normal in another country? Here you can find out the specific features of Spanish culture that will help you to understand Spanish lifestyle better and to find an answer how to make the best of every situation that is not familiar to you!

5 signs that Sevilla is your city

It is not a secret anymore that a lot of people want to come back to Sevilla again and again or even to stay here forever when they visit it for the first time! So what kind of magic is happening here? Maybe it is just a good atmosphere, or maybe it has much deeper meaning… If you also noticed some of the following signs during your stay in Sevilla, probably you have never thought about it but Sevilla is your city!

Discover Seville's Surroundings

Hola! The city of Seville is, as you all know, really beautiful, but the places around Seville are not to be overlooked! If you have a car, we recommend you to drive to San Nicolás del Puerto, a village in the north of the province of Seville (Sierra Norte de Sevilla). Actually, to be more precise, we recommend you to visit Area Recreativa Nacimiento del Huéznar. This is a beautiful nature area where you can see a stream that leads you directly to a waterfall with little lake. To top that, the view is really stunning. It is high in the mountains, and it is a bit of a climb, especially if you want to see it all and have to go to the top, but it is definitely worth it.