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Beaches you HAVE TO visit

As the summer and beach season are ending, and you don’t have a lot of time left to visit all those beautiful beaches out here, here is a some help for you, to decide which one is the best for you.


The good thing about Malaga is, that you have not only the beach but also the city, so you can see both. The beach is pretty close to the city center, which makes it easy to discover both. And it’s also not that far away, from Plaza de Armas till the bus station in Malaga (Estacion Maria Zambrano) you will need 2,5 hours and the station is very close to the city center. However, an important fact that you should know is, that there are a looot of jellyfishes. Especially when you travel at the coast, toward Fuengirola you will find some jellyfishes very close to the beach.
To sum it up, I recommend Malaga, to all people who want to stay longer than just one day and also want to explore the city and aren’t afraid of sea creatures.


Cádiz is said to have one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain and it is actually true.
You can reach Cádiz either by car, bus or by train. I, personally, prefer the bus, because it’s not too expensive, but to rent a car is also a very good option because in this case, you can also explore the surrounding at the coast, which also offers very beautiful beaches (like Tarifa beach, it is said to be one of the most incredible beaches of EUROPE!).
However, Cádiz is perfect if you like to do a 1-day-beachday, and it is also less touristy than the beach of Malaga.  


Tavira Island:

If you are looking for something that looks like a paradise and has a lot of space, you should visit Tavira island! This Island has a different view than most beaches in Portugal which are surrounded by high rocks. The island has 11 km of the best beaches in the Algarve and varies between 150 m to 1 km in width!! Can you imagine the view from the top how it looks like?? Access to the island is by ferry from Quatro Águas, southeast of the city of Tavira, and also by a small floating bridge in the Santa Luzia/Pedras d'El Rei area or by foot in a footpath parallel to the railway line. It’s just a few hundred meters off the coast so you can see amazing view of Tavira town life from the island. The best way to know island for adventure lovers is to explore it. You can find a small lighthouse on the pier and discover beautiful nature reserve of all the different perspectives! It is important to mention that the best entertainment here is swimming through the powerful crashing waves. Don’t forget to be careful, it’s really easy to lose your bikini here!! :D


Benagil beach of Algarve is the best option for wild nature lovers. A small piece of sand is between two huge rocks and has a very beautiful view in front of the beach. Here you can see a lot of small boats crossing the water all the time. The colour of water is more emerald green then you can imagine and the water is really freezing but it’s worth to experience it! The most interesting thing about this place is that the beach has hidden caves called Benagil caves inside of the rocks! One of them and the most popular is the magical cave!! Access to this place is only trough the water so there are some ways to get there. The first option is to swim for around 5 minutes although local people say it is forbidden and dangerous. Despite this, there swim a lot of adventure lovers every day! The second way is to take a boat with a group for 10 euros. In this case you can’t walk inside of the cave, you just discover it from the boat. And the third one is to kayak here! The view inside of the cave is unbelievable!!! You can see sun shining inside of the cave trough the big hole! What is more, you should go on the top of the rocks to see the beach and also the magical cave from above! There are no words to define the landscape and the beauty of powerful nature.