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Become familiar with Spanish lifestyle!

Have you ever thought that something that doesn't look normal to you, can be considered as absolutely normal in another country? Here you can find out the specific features of Spanish culture that will help you to understand Spanish lifestyle better and to find an answer how to make the best of every situation that is not familiar to you!


It is really important to know that if you have to be somewhere on time you cannot trust bus schedule. It is possible that you will have to wait from few minutes to an hour or even more! Probably you already have heard an expression that Spanish people are always late and it can be considered as a stereotype but in daily life it happens because of the Spanish lifestyle which is much more slower and more relaxed than in the north or centric European countries. Probably bus is late because bus driver is talking to his children or is sipping coffee at that moment!! So in this case you also should take everything easy, for example you can walk to your university or to ride a bike instead of taking a bus! It could help you to look around and see simple beautiful things around you that have never saw before!


Post office, delivery and customer services in Spain work the way how they want to be working and these things can seem strange to a foreigners. For example, if it is said that your letter will reach the destination in 6 days, it can happen that actually it will reach your country after more than 1 month! Or if you are the only one customer that waiting in the 'line' of the supermarket (even if there is no line at all), it can happen that you have to wait some time in order to be served. And it is all because a saleswomen is singing and just ignoring you at that time. Well, in moments like this just remind yourself that people here are more relaxed and they can teach you to see the world more simple and positive! So you can find something good in every situation although from the first sight it doesn’t look so good!


Most of the shops are closed on Sunday so have it on your mind when you are planning to do the grocery shopping! Sunday in Spain is like unofficial holiday! After some time spend here you will understand how good is to have just calm Sunday, at least one day per week which is not so busy in the streets!


Do not be surprised if Spanish person suddenly starts to touch you while you are having a conversation or starts to get closer and closer because it is normal here! People in Spain are really open and emotional. Even if you do not know any Spanish language and it seems that everybody is screaming to you, probably they are just being friendly and trying to express themselves!! People invest a lot of time to the personal connection and communication, doesn’t matter where: in the bar, museum, street, supermarket, market, university etc..!