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Winter traveling

Why should you visit Andalucía during Winter? Everyone thinks that you should visit Andalucía during summer times, because it’s the sunniest region of Spain. But do not underestimate Andalucía during winter time, in this blog we will tell you why.


Christmas is a very big thing in Andalucía, even though you think Christmas needs a little bit of snow, in Andalucía not. The cities are decorated with lights, Christmas markets everywhere, delicious smells of typical Andalusians Christmas sweets. Also, the three king’s day on the 5thof January. And not to forget New Year’s Eve, almost 3 weeks of festivos, well who doesn’t want that :)2.


Most people from northern European countries get “depressed” when winter is coming and when the temperatures drop underneath 10 degrees. But here in Andalucía, won’t get the temperature underneath 15 degrees during winter, so you could still visit the beach and maybe even take a small dive in the sea…. Although that is maybe a little bit too enthusiastic.


Next to visiting beaches, skiing is also an option! Next to the beautiful city, Granada, you can find the Sierra Nevada, which belongs to Europe’s second highest mountain range.


The “bad” weather doesn’t stop the Andalusians to party. Next to Christmas, there are many more ferias and fiestas throughout the year. With the most important and biggest one: the Carnival in Cadiz in February.

Enough reasons to travel to or though Andalucía during winter, right??