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Discover Seville's Surroundings

Hola! The city of Seville is, as you all know, really beautiful, but the places around Seville are not to be overlooked! If you have a car, we recommend you to drive to San Nicolás del Puerto, a village in the north of the province of Seville (Sierra Norte de Sevilla). Actually, to be more precise, we recommend you to visit Area Recreativa Nacimiento del Huéznar. This is a beautiful nature area where you can see a stream that leads you directly to a waterfall with little lake. To top that, the view is really stunning. It is high in the mountains, and it is a bit of a climb, especially if you want to see it all and have to go to the top, but it is definitely worth it.

It is from Seville only a 1h 30m drive, and you will pass through nice little towns, which are worthy to stop in and enjoy the view. We recommend you to take a quick stop in Carmona to drink some coffee while you sit in the sun and look up at the old architectural buildings this town offers.

After this, you can continue your trip. But don’t forget to take in the surroundings, as the landscape and mountains are incredible. Especially, in the town Constantina. Stop your car somewhere safe and go outside to take a look at the view, you won’t regret it.

You can then finish your trip to the destination. You will drive through small mountain roads, so watch out. There are a view parking spots, so park your car and start your hike through the rocky pathways. Make sure you watch your step, as it can be slippery. See the Cascadas del Huéznar. Enjoy the rest of the view. It will be a trip definitely worth of your day!