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Explore the beautiful nature of Andalucia

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend and that you had time to enjoy the nice weather. We have earlier given you some tips about clubs, cities to visit and much more, but this time we want to recommend another activity you can do outside of Seville, hiking.

In Andalusia you can easily find a lot of stunning hiking routes and the weather conditions are great for that. Why we recommend hiking for you? After a lot of partying and spending time in the city centre it is relaxing to get out from the city and enjoy the beautiful nature. This time a year it´s perfect to do a one day or a weekend trip to the mountains. The weather is ideal for spending a day in the nature, it´s not too cold and not too hot.


One of us made a one-day hiking trip to Aracena, province of Huelva. We woke up early a Saturday morning a drove with car to Aracena, the trip there took about 1,5 hours. We arrived to a small town Alájar where we parked our car and started our hiking route to Castaño del Robledo. The route to town Castaño del Robledo took about 2 hours but we stopped on the way to pick up some chestnuts. 



The routes are very good marked and on the way, you can explore a lot of amazing views. When we arrived to Castaño del Robledo we had a lunch in the small cosy town. After the lunch we took another route back to the town of Alájar. We arrived back to Alájar on the afternoon and then we took the car back to Seville, where we arrived around eight in the evening.

Without car it´s a bit difficult to get to Aracena, so if you don´t have the opportunity we recommend you to take for example the route of Rosal de las Escuelas – Guarromán River – Trassierra Trail – PR-A 342 (Cordoba), you can go with public transport there. If you need help to choose a route for you, check this page:

So, go and explore the beautiful nature of Andalusia!