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Half-time! 2 months personal experiences 1/2

Hi everyone, it has been a while since we have let you know how we are. So far, it has been 2 months since we arrived to Seville, that means for the most of us half of the time is already over. We're experienced a lot of things, made mistakes in our daily life and learned from it. We would like to share the first part from Ausra and Diana of those experiences and on Wednesday we'll publish the thoughts of Lotta and Julia.


It seems to me that my experience in Sevilla during these 2 months is priceless! Everyday passed surrounded by happiness and new experiences!! Even now when I cross the same places every day I still keep my head up and enjoy amazing masterpieces of architecture. I love to explore every time that’s why I set the goal to myself to see as much as possible new things every day! I think that the best thing here is to divide time into several parts: time to discover, time to relax or just time for yourself, time to improve your Spanish (independent or communicating with your Spanish friends, or maybe to take a class) and time to participate in parties, cultural events and etc. The part of seeing new things includes the most because it’s important to discover Sevilla not only from the outside but also from the inside. Visiting museums, exhibitions and other famous attractions can be very funny and useful because it can help to grow your personality. And don’t forget to visit other beautiful cities of Andalusia as Cordoba, Granada, Cadiz, Ronda, Malaga… From my own experience I can say that plan is necessary if you are going to explore new city because there are a lot of hidden spots you can miss if you just walking without any plan. Although I visited some places around Sevilla I still think that this city has the most magic and shines like a diamond in the sun. It’s been my 62th day in Seville and I still feel like the first day!! Hope so that all of you also enjoy Sevilla fully. 


The first thing I can say is that the time flew soo fast! I didn’t even notice that half of the time is already over, it sounds so crazy. However, so far, I already learned so many things, felt in love with Seville and noticed the small but important differences between Germany and Spain. To start with the differences. For me the biggest are definitely the food, the drugstore and the appearance of people. With food I especially mean bread, I love German bread and there is also a wider range of breads in Germany. That’s really one of the things I miss the most, especially Brezeln. Also, there are some products which I couldn’t find in my local supermarket, but with the time I kind of got used to it and adopted the Spanish food and kitchen pretty well.
Another difference is the drugstore. In Germany, there is one big drugstore which you can find everywhere, and in Seville there are several small ones. When I came to Spain I excepted everything to be super super cheap, but I was wrong, especially the drugstore products are more expensive then in Germany, to mention an example: my favorite mascara costs 6€ more than in Germany.
And as the last point, the appearance of the people. One of the things I love about the Spanish people is how they dress. They always wear some really colorful and nice dresses, trousers or shirts which looks so individual and lovely, not to compare with the German ‘’black and grey clothes mood’’ which matches perfectly with the weather. Also, the people on the streets are really helpful and open minded and even if your Spanish is not the best, they try to communicate and understand you, even when that means to talk with hands and feet.
So, what I learned so far, is that the semester abroad is all about integrating into a new culture, adopting to unknown things and stepping out of your comfort zone. I already see some things from a different point of view then before and don’t take things for granted. I think everybody should experience something like this, because it really helps you to grow as a person.