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Halloween in Spain

Halloween is one of the oldest and the most popular celebrations observed by people all over the world. However, the customs and traditions of celebrating the festivals differ from place to place. Every country has its own unique pattern of observing the festival.

Halloween is a three-day celebration in Spain. It starts on the 31st of October and ends on 2nd of November. Family members commemorate their loved ones whom have passed.

For Spanish people, Halloween is not only about honouring the dead, but also a celebration of the continuity of life.

The first day is referred to as Halloween, also known as Día de las Brujas (Day of the Witches) or Noche de calabazas (Night of the pumpkins). So if you’re looking for some Halloween fun, don’t forget your pumpkin. ;)

Children will do trick and treats from door to door, dressed up as witches, ghosts or vampires. During the night, there are a lot of activities and parties in the City with costume themes.In many places, costume parties are held with amusing and exciting themes, like scary animal theme and cauldron theme. Some people even go to the extent of decorating their house to resemble a scary set-up, like a grave-yard or a witch house.

The 1st of November is “All Saints day”, a public holiday. The 2nd of November is “All souls day”. These are days of remembrance for loved ones that have passed away. As tradition, people attend church services in honour of Catholic saints and martyrs. People turn to their villages to visit and decorate the graves of loved ones with flowers and gather with friends and family. Cemeteries are full of people, streets are congested with traffic and florists are churning out more sales than other days of the year.