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How to be more sustainable?

Hi guys and welcome back to a new blog post! This is the last one that I will write as my internship in Roomsevilla is almost over :( I would like to talk about a serious theme which is sustainability and how we could all be more sustainable in our daily life.

Nowadays these topic is very important, since we could all see the effects that our actions towards the environment have caused.

Here I would like to share with you some easy tips for a more conscious living respecting the nature and the environment:

1) One of the main things for me is to recycle and to sort the waste, as here in Spain I noticed that almost nobody separate the waste in different bins. 

2) Another thing that I'm guilty too is to waste a lot of food because I bought too much or forgot to eat, it is such a shame to do so. I will suggest to buy only the necessary things that you need in order to not waste food.

3) Another important thing to do in terms of food would be to buy local food and also seasonal food, so what you eat doesn't need to travel by plain or boat. 

4) Something that I noticed every time I go food shopping is that a lot of things are wrapped in plastic, so I stopped buying those foods that comes with a plastic bag. 

5) Stop buying bottled water! You could easily drink tab water which is accessible and also a cheaper option. 

6) Don't use plastic bags at the checkout. Instead, take your own bags for groceries. 

7) Another important change that you can add to your life is to try and use less the car, and instead using the public transport or the bike. and if you cannot give up using the car, the least that you can do would be starting a car share with other people. 

8) Also when it comes to shampoo and shower gel the thing that I noticed is that they are also made of plastic bottles, so I start using shampoo bars instead of the normal one and I have to say also for traveling they are really functional. 

9) A very important thing is also trying to eliminate the use of plastic straws, which are unnecessary and you could easily use paper ones. 

10) In the world of fashion there are also many problems with sustainability, in fact instead of buying from the big brands like Zara, Bershka, H&M etc. the best option would be buying second hand clothes (which are very fashionable now) or buying from shops that you know would never exploit workers or the environment. Another very important things to do is, instead of throwing away old clothes, you could just donate them. 

I really hope that you will try to do at least some of these things, since they all are very easy to incorporate in our daily life. Have a nice week! :)