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How can I learn Spanish?

Many of you are wondering how you will be able to study in Spain without speaking Spanish. You'll probably have enough English to study freely, but there's nothing more beautiful than a new language spoken by 500 million people around the world! Below you can find information on how to start learning the mother language of Cervantes and Pablo Picasso, but also the mother language of Penelope Cruz y Enrique Iglesias.

Language-learning apps.

Download several apps to learn Spanish on your smartphone. Nowadays we always have a phone with us. You have the opportunity to learn anywhere in the world ... on the bus or in the queue to the checkout desk. We recommend free applications such as: Babbel, Busuu or Speaky.  

Learning through music:

There are many popular songs which, although we don't learn them by heart, they remain in our minds. We will remember single word much faster if we hear them a million times on the radio. I'm sure you already know that "despacito" literally meaning "slowly". Take advantage of the opportunity to learn a new language by staying in Spain for a few months.

Learning through TV shows, movies.

The fastest and most effective way to learn a language is to enjoy it. Nothing more pleasant than sitting in front of the screen and continue watching your favorite TV series. In recent years there have been more and more high quality Spanish language productions. Thanks to them, you not only broaden your comprehension skills, but also learn common phrases that you will not find in books.

First of all, you can start watching with subtitles in a language you already know, but then you can turn them off. Don't worry if you don't understand everything, you can guess a lot of things from the picture. You can always see one episode a few times, there are series we are in love with and we've seen them a million times! 
1. La casa de papel

2. Narcos