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how to stop being sleepy?

Is it hard to start your day withiut cup of cofee? Or do you find yourself being sleepy during the day? Feeling sleepy often is not normal, and can be caused by different things, like the lack of sleep of course firstly , also health problems and boredom etc. But there are some ways to stop it except initially getting normal amout of sleep and dring cofee all the time, which can make you even nervous.

Number one awakening option is MUSIC, first of all it can really give many endorphines, which makes you happy when you listen your favorite songs (maybe you notice that?) So, just put your headphones to not bother other people, since everyone has their own different taste;)

Number two - hydrate yoursef, and important thing dont replace water, what should be drunk 2-3 litres in a day in this kind og weather!

Number three - do exercises after waking up or at least some movements if you really can wake up a bit earlier ( otherwise if you hate mornings just sleep more!)

Number four - eat some healthy snack, for example fruits, raisains and nuts or black chocolate! It definately improves your mood and gives your some energy! Also it is proved that chewing gums can wake our brain up ;)

Number five - make sure that temperature is not high, so there are options like taking a shower, turning the ac temperature down in order to not make good possibilites for sleep.

Number six - if it is impossible to be stopped, there is just one option - taking a short nap for 20-30 minuts to get missed power for you organism.

Number seven - to be into something/study/tasks at work/hobby, which makes your brain work and this helps you to be awake, so make you busy with interesting activitise.