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Inside clubs in Sevilla

Hey everyone! Another week, another blog! Summer is about to end… even though the temperatures are still high. But that means that the Terrazas are closing or are already closed. But it also means that the “inside” discotecas are about to open or are already opened!!! In this blog we will discuss the best inside discotecas.


First of all, our favorites. When you want to have a fun night, you should start with some drinks in Alameda, in café Central or Eureka. Then you can move onto to CARAMBOLO, which is also located in Alameda. CARAMBOLO closes approximately around 4/4.30 and you’re your last stop will be FUN CLUB. The music in CARAMBOLO & FUN CLUB differs a lot. In CARAMBOLO there is more music from now, a lot of Spanish music etc. and in FUN CLUB there is always a nice mix of really funky, old and rock music. The best way to finish your night. 

Of course, you can also go to the clubs in different times, but we like to change clubs during the night.


I think MALANDAR is our favourite. You can enjoy really nice funky music, sometimes also life music. The perfect club to end your night. MALANDAR is located in Calle Torneo, near the river. Go check it out, you won't regret it!!!


In CARAMELO you can find a lot or organized bachata and salsa lessons during the weekend and during the week as well actually. Most people will stay after the classes for the party!!! The club Is located in av. San Francisco Javier. If you have time and you like to dance you really should check it out!


Maybe some of you have already seen it last week during its grand opening? UTHOPIA is quit a new club who only opened its doors in 2015. The club is located at plaza de Armas and is opened every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 7am. No worries that it will close too early….

The club has 3 floors, with different music on every floor. So!!! Everyone will find a floor where they like it!


For everyone!!! This Tuesday, 2ndof October, KOKO will throw a grand openings fiesta! The club is located near the Seta’s (metropole parasol). The entrance is free until 01:30 with the ECS card, without the card it’s only 2 euros. We will also be going tomorrow, and will hopefully meet many of you there.