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Most popular dishes from all over the world

Wondering what to cook for dinner? Do you want to taste the cultures of other, distant countries of the world? You can combine the pleasant with the useful, while cooking and learning about culinary secrets at the same time.

1. FRANCE - Crème brûlée - one of the best known desserts in the world, literally means burnt cream, but it is a really special treat. Prepared from cream, egg yolks and sugar, finished with a layer of caramelised sugar. Its unique flavour is given by vanilla, sometimes chocolate and other additives.

2. SPAIN - paella - a dish prepared with rice, meat, seafood and other additives according to taste. It is inseparably associated with this country. Paella should be consumed directly from the vessel in which it was prepared.

3. POLAND - dumplings - a dish inseparably associated with Poland. We can eat them in many ways, sweet and salty, cooked and baked. Whatever you want! The most famous are Russian dumplings, but equally popular are those filled with meat, mushrooms and cabbage or fruits.

4. RUSSIA - stroganoff - can be served with rice or pasta. Russian type of goulash with lots of vegetables. The name of the dish, which is a combination of French (fried sirloin with sauce) and Russian (the sauce is added to the dish, not separately) cuisine, is to come from Count Alexander Grigorjevich Stroganov, the Russian general, minister and governor.

5. MEXICO - tortilla - corn cakes filled with lots of vegetables, delicious sauces and perfectly prepared meat. Tortilla is a base for more complex dishes such as quesadilla, tacos, enchiladas and others. Tortilla chips (totopos) and a snack called nachos are made from pieces of corn tortillas.

6. ITALY - spaghetti - prepared in various ways, with many additives, is definitely one of the most popular dishes in Italy. A typical dish consists of a portion of freshly cooked pasta mixed with a suitable sauce and optionally sprinkled with cheese (in Italy most often parmesan or pecorino).

7. TURKEY - kebab - a dish popular not only in Turkey, but in other countries too. Unfortunately, it is very rare to find this traditional dish with lamb meat. It is served in pitta or bread roll with different sauces - mild or spicy.

8. GREECEmoussaka - casserole based on aubergines and minced meat with béchamel sauce. It’s one of the most popular greek dishes.

9. INDIE - Masala mussels - these unusual seafood in original Indian spices, properly prepared, are one of the most delicious indian dishes.

10. JAPAN - sushi - can be loved or hated. This traditional Japanese dish has gained both enthusiasts and opponents all over the world. Many people wonder how it is possible to eat raw fish and seafood before they try it. But one thing is certain - you have to try it at least once in your life!