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SICAB - International Horse Show in Seville

In November, the FIBES Conference and Exhibition Centre in Seville will be the venue for the world’s largest International Horse Fair (Spanish acronym SICAB).

Since 1991, The International Purebred Spanish Horse Fair has a long history behind it, considered as one of the most important social-economic event in Seville and Spain. The cultural event takes places every year at FIBES and visitors are able to admire the best equine specimens of the most important Spanish thoroughbred in the world.

SICAB focuses on the Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE), and it brings together a larger number of this breed than any other horse fair in the world. In addition to the commercial side, this event includes a full programme of parallel activities, such as show jumping competitions, carriage driving, classical and country dressage, the national livestock breeders' championship, an equine conference, and a variety of exhibitions and shows held at night. There are a variety of competitions and shows at SICAB, including dressage, carriage driving, show jumping and Doma vaqueraa Spanish version of western style reining), or country dressage, a riding discipline based on the everyday jobs carried out on horseback at working cattle ranches in Spain.

The event is always celebrated the third week of November. In 2017 it takes place from 14th to 19th of November. 

With more than 240,000 visitors and a thousand PRE Horses and its breeders the event is considered as the most important PRE fair in the world. Therefore, related to the cultural and social-economic importance it is disposed right behind the world-famous Easter Processions and the April Fair in Seville. Take advantage of the opportunity and do not miss this unique event. ;)