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Spanish bands that you should check out!!

Hi guys, I am sure that most of you listen to the music and really love it with all heart.

That’s why I thought that list can help you, especially when you are learning Spanish and you want to practise your understanding of the text. From my experience it is really helpful.

I think that this bands are great:

Toundra- rock band which was formed in Madrid. They are especially known for amazing live performances thanks to their specific instrumental rock. It is not like you want to hear nothing from the song, but you need to take all of you in that song. I really like them and their new album which has a little bit heavy sound.

Dulce Pájara de Juventud- rock band which was formed in Barcelona. They are known for not so heavy sounds but mostly for some indie rock, but it is not making them out of rock. These band is for people who want to listen to some good music in the way to work.

Los Planetas- indie legends which was formed in GRANADA in 1993. Known for their special sounds. They took Spanish indie scene with their explosive energy. Nowadays there are often known for being influence among the new generation of indie rockers.

Triángulo de Amor Bizarro-  rock band which took their name from New Order song ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’. They gained popularity when they toured witch My Bloody Valentine and after were awarded for the best album of 2017 In Spain. They have songs with some heavy sounds but mostly songs which have some post rock.

Pony Bravo- band which was formed in SEVILLA at the end of 2005. Their performances are with eclectic style. They are mostly known for commenting on culture, politics and society. Their style is really mixed with a lot of sounds like: flamenco, jazz, rock, blues, reggae. Most people don’t know that they have their own music label (El Rancho Casa de Discos) under which they have been recording their albums.